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A billionaire hedge fund manager once paid Kenny Rogers $4 Million to sing The Gambler over and over a dozen times at his birthday party.

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A Billionaire hedge fund founder payed 800 New York teachers an extra $15,000 due to poor teacher salaries

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  1. Warren Buffet has won a $1 million bet for 6 out of the last 7 years that the S&P 500 will beat a famous hedge fund portfolio return's

  2. Ellen Pao's husband Buddy Fletcher is a former hedge fund manager, but his fund went bankrupt after Fletcher and associates diverted investor funds for their own personal benefit, causing the loss millions of $$$ to Louisiana pensioners. He is now under investigation for civil fraud.

  3. George Soros used a loophole to defer paying taxes and instead reinvest his money. Following this rule, after 40 years a Hedge Fund manager could amass $15.9B as opposed to $2.4B (amount if taxes were paid when the money was earned).

  4. When hedge fund manager Eddie Lambert merged Sears and Kmart into one company he was hailed as the next Warren Buffett, capable of turning around struggling businesses. Today he is blamed for running Sears and Kmart into the ground

  5. Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones was the subject of a 1987 PBS documentary called "Trader" and wants to hide it from the public so much that he buys every copy that becomes available and tries to block it from being aired on the internet

  6. New Jersey lost $140M in tax revenue after a hedge fund billionaire moved to Florida.

  7. Apple controls 'the world's biggest hedge fund' called Braeburn Capital. It manages over 100 billion and helps the company avoid tax

  8. A mathematics professor at Stony Brook University quit his job and started a hedge fund. He personally earned $2.8 billion in twelve months in 2007.

  9. After starting his first hedge fund in 2006, 'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli lost a $2.3m lawsuit to Lehman Brothers. Lehman Brothers collapsed before they could collect.

  10. A bunch of guys working a hedge fund out of their garage turned $110000 of dad's money into $120 million by successfully predicting the 2008 market crash

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A billionaire hedge fund manager spent $50million investigating HERBALIFE and exposing it as pyramid scheme in a public presentation. HERBALIFE share price shot up 25% as a result.

An investor and operator of a hedge fund has placed a $1,000,000,000 special bet (known on the stock market as a "short") against the shady multilevel marketing company, Herbalife. If they lose money, he makes money. He plans to donate his profits to charity. - source

Reddit's CEO is suing her former employer for discrimination and sexual harassment, is married to man who left his long-term boyfriend for her and sued his condo, the Dakota in NYC, for racial discrimination after not selling him another unit following the collapse of the hedge fund he manages - source

John Paulson, an American hedge fund manager, earned almost $4 billion on Wallstreet in 2007. He donated $100 milllion to the Central Park Conservancy, which at the time represented the largest monetary donation in the history of New York City’s park system.

The top 25 hedge fund managers in America make more than all the country's kindergarten teachers combined - source

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In 2007 historian Niall Ferguson made a 7:1 bet with a hedge fund manager that there would be another recession within 5 years while researching his book the Ascent of Money. Ferguson claimed winnings of $98,000.

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A 2013 financial study showed that 77% of the €207 Billion intended to bail out Greece went to wealthy banks and hedge funds. Some of these were not based in Greece.

One of the richest hedge fund managers in the world bought his old boss’s house for $40m and tore it down for revenge

Germany does not extradite German citizens which is why Florian Homm, a hedge fund manager who the US sentenced to 225 years in jail for ripping off his investors for hundreds of millions of dollars, is currently living in self-imposed exile in Germany to avoid extradition.

a hedge fund in the United States was able to seize an Argentinian war ship because Argentina defaulted on its credit.

Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin, former Goldman Sachs CIO and hedge fund manager, has produced 45 films to date, including The LEGO Batman Movie, Edge of Tomorrow, The Accountant, and Mad Max: Fury Road.

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A billionaire hedge fund manager had to go to court to prove to New York City that he didn't spend the night in the city on July 23, 2000 to avoid a $27 million tax bill

For every dollar a hedge fund investor earned since 1998, the hedge fund managers kept $42 for themselves.

A USA hedge fund (employing approximately 70 people) seized a war ship from Argentina (a country of over 40 million people) to satisfy $100 billion in debt on which Argentina defaulted.

The most valuable record ever sold is Wu-Tang Clan's *Once Upon A Time in Shaolin*, of which only one was produced. It was purchased for 2 Million Dollars by infamous hedge fund manager, Martin Shkreli.

Argetina sold its national debt to a hedge fund. When they refused to pay back, the hedge fund seized one of its boats in Ghana.

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An Argentine Navy training vessel was once impounded by a private Hedge Fund because of Argentine Debt

Yale pays their hedge fund managers $480,000,000 - which is so much, that if combined with current financial aid funds, would cover full tuition costs ($49,480) for the entire enrollment (12,385)

Among the top fortunes in advanced economies, 75% are attributable to either hedge funds or intellectual property rights.

Biff Poggi, a multi- millionaire and former Michigan football coach, left his job at Michigan and, rather than use his wealth he gained from investments and a hedge fund, he instead coaches a Baltimore high school football team in an extremely impoverished area of baltimore

A billionaire hedge fund founder named Jim Simons pays 800 New York teachers an extra $15,000 due to poor teacher salaries.

Warren Buffet bet Hedge Fund managers $1 Million that he could out perform them by investing in the S&P 500 over a 10 year period ... that was 8 years ago and he is up 66% to their 22%

Hedge funds are unregulated by the SEC and only "accredited" investors are allowed to invest in them.

LTCM, one of the largest hedge fund of its time was bankrupt losing $4.6 billion in trading and almost causing global financial meltdown, though it had Myron S. Scholes and Robert C. Merton, winners of the Nobel Prize in Economic on its board.

Most of Puerto Ricos post hurricane debt is owned by large hedge funds that are making huge profits while crippling their economy.

A.W. Jones started A.W. Jones & Co. to invest his friends' money in 1949. He chose stocks he liked, and shorted other stocks he thought might lose value. In this way, he protected himself from market volatility. His 'hedge fund' returned 670% over the next decade, easily beating the market.

The top 25 hedge fund managers in the US make more than all American kindergarten teachers combined

The hedge fund of Alphonse Fletcher Jr. has been described by a court-appointed bankruptcy trustee as having elements of a Ponzi scheme.

Hedge fund manager's assistant who stole nearly $1 million from her boss asked strangers to help her on a crowdsourcing site to avoid jail by raising $821,000 in restitution to pay back him back

in 2018, James Cordier from lost the entire $150 million hedge fund he managed making a bad play on natural gas and crude oil. He didn't hedge properly and lost everything. He put out this apology video, offering to buy clients lunch. He forgot to take off his Rolex.

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