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In the nation of Papua New Guinea (population 8 million) there are 820 different spoken languages (complete languages, not dialects), which belong to 60 language families as different from each other as French and Chinese

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The "Pirate speak" from movies and books was an actual distinct dialect of English which was spoken until the 19th century in the west country. It became associated with pirates due to the strong seafaring tradition from the area.

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  1. Boontling, a dialect only spoken in Boonville California which is now nearly extinct with less than 100 people speaking it

  2. In Toronto Ontario Canada, 51% of residents were born outside Canada, and it has over 140 languages and dialects spoken.

  3. The Chinese Language consists of several dialects that are mutually unintelligible when spoken, but are all written in the same way no matter the dialect

  4. Venetian, spoken in and around Venice, Italy, is not a dialect of Italian.

  5. An ancient dialect of Old Norse called Elfdalian has survived and is still spoken by about 2500 people in a remote valley in central Sweden

  6. There is an English dialect spoken by military personnel called Army Creole and a WWII Canadian officer was mistaken for a German prisoner of war until his fluency with the English military dialect convinced the American sailors of his identity

  7. There is a german dialect called texasdeutsch spoken in Fredericksburg, Texas and a few surrounding towns.

  8. Paw Paw French is a dialect of French that was widely spoken in Missouri for hundreds of years. Today there are only a few dozen native speakers left.

  9. The official language in Honduras is Spanish, with many speaking English especially in business. There are also a variety of native dialects spoken in Honduras.

  10. The main language spoken in Guatemala today is Spanish. There are 21 other Mayan dialects spoken in Guatemala.

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Aztec nobles spoke in poems, using a ritual poetic dialect of the commonly spoken nahuatl where concepts as simple as "my city" would be expressed using multiple words. Additionally, the word for "emperor" in nahuatl translates to "great speaker." (sources in video description)

More than 19,500 languages or dialects are spoken in India as mother tongues, and there are 121 languages which are spoken by 10,000 or more people - source

While in exile Dante traveled. During his travels he wrote several works, including The Eloquent Vernacular, which was an attempt to unify the Italian territories through aspects of every Italian spoken dialect to establish the language as a serious literary language. Despite not finishing the work it was still influential in the purpose it was intended.

Tangier is island town in Virginia where people still speak with an English Restoration-era dialect, a remnant of early American colonists. Basically, this is how the founding Father's spoken English would have sounded.

The Norwegian language has four written standards, two of which are official, and a great variety of spoken dialects. - source

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The High Tider dialect. a unique (and dying) dialect of American English Spoken only in remote parts of costal North Carolina, by as few as 500 people.

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The Sumerian language had 2 different dialects, one spoken by men (emeĝir) and the other (emesal) spoken exclusively by women.

There's an old (nearly extinct) dialect called Missouri French, formerly spoken in Missouri and Louisiana.

The term "Punic" refers to the dialect of Phoenician spoken by the Carthaginians.

A Dutch humanist theorised that a dialect of Dutch was the original language spoken in the Garden of Eden because it had the most short words. He inferred that the Garden of Eden itself had been in Holland, and "proved" that Egyptian hieroglyphics represented Dutch.

There are communities in Texas where German is still widely spoken and a Texan German dialect has emerged as a result

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Chinese is the third most commonly spoken language in the United States; predominantly Cantonese (South China) dialects.

Sicilian is not a dialect of the Italian language, but a language on it's own and is recognized as much as Italian is. Although widely spoken in Sicily and neighboring regions, it is not used or taught as an official language.

A Canadian dialect of Gaelic has been spoken for 241 years in Nova Scotia.

American Sign Language is its own language with accents and dialects, just like spoken languages.

The Talian language, a dialect of Venetian spoken by possibly 1 milion people in Brazil.

How many languages and dialects are spoken in india?

African American Vernacular English (AAVE),is a variety (dialect, ethnolect and sociolect) of American English, most commonly spoken today by urban working-class and largely bi-dialectal middle-class African Americans.

The Nauruan language is only spoken by 6000 on Nauru and its relationship to the other Micronesian languages is not well understood. Even on the small island, there are slightly different dialects spoken

There is a dialect of German that is spoken mainly within Texas. This is because of the German immigrants from different parts of Germany. Their cultures merging lead to a new dialect developing.

Only 5% of Chinese people speak Cantonese. Cantonese (also called Yue) is only the 4th most commonly spoken Chinese dialect in China behind the Mandarin, Wu and Min dialects.

Valleyspeak, the California English dialect spoken by "Valley Girls", originated in the 70's and was made famous by Frank Zappa's daughter Moon Unit

The dialect spoken on the Iron Range of MN is called Upper Midwestern American English

There is a "dialect" of Spanish spoken on La Gomera Island in the Canary Islands that consists entirely of whistles to aid in long distance communication.

Modern English no longer has a T–V distinction, with the exception of a few dialects. There previously was one with the pronouns thou and you, with the familiar thou disappearing from Early Modern English. British commoners have historically spoken to nobility and royalty using the third person.

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