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U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas did not grow up speaking English. Instead, he spoke a creole language known as Gullah that began among coastal slave communities. Thomas has said the reason he rarely speaks publicly is because he does not want any traces of it to come out in his speech

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A Pidgin language is a makeshift language created when two people who speak different languages want to communicate, whereas a Creole language is a language that was originally a Pidgin but is now spoken among a population as their native language.

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  1. In Hawaiian Pidgin, an english based creole language, the Bible is called "Da Jesus Book"

  2. Pidgin' is a simplified blending of two languages. When pidgin is learned as a first language it is a "Creole"

  3. The creole language called Gullah is spoken by 250 000 people in the US and it has influences from west and central Africa, surviving throughout slavery.

  4. Guadeloupe's official language is French, but Creole is also common and is considered to be the unofficial second language of Guadeloupe.

  5. Approximately 90% of Haitians speak Creole, but it wasn"t until 1987 that Creole was named an official language. The other official language in Haiti is French.

  6. The Gullah-Geechee people of Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina are unique among African Americans because of their known connections to Western Africa and, among other things, a creole language and culture. This has been possible because they were relatively isolated from USA white people.

  7. Hawaiian Pidgin English - a creole language of Hawai'i with over 600,000 native speakers as of 2012, officially declared a language in 2015 by the U.S. Census Bureau.

  8. A creole language exists in western Canada and the US called "Chinook Jargon" which is a combination of several aboriginal languages, French and English.

  9. Papiamento, one of the official languages of Aruba and Curaçao, is a creole languages largely based on Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch. Many Papiamento speakers are multilingual and are also able to speak Dutch, English and Spanish.

  10. Creole languages developed from pidgin all have a similar grammatical structure, supporting the claim that a genetic component to human grammar exists

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Some of the common languages spoken in the Caribbean include English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Creole, and Papiamento.

The song Kumbaya has no African language roots. Kumbaya was originally "Come by Here" sung by Southeastern American Creole speakers. - source

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas's first language was Gullah, a type of creole spoken by African-Americans in South Carolina. It almost sounds like a Jamaican accent (link is to Wikitongues video). - source

The word "Kumbaya" means Come By Here in the Gullah creole language

The Colombian island of San Andrés whose official languages include English and Creole and its population traces its roots back to English Puritan settlers and African slaves in the 1600s. - source

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Hawaiian Creole "Pidgin" is a recognized language

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Pidgin languages become known as Creole languages as the become "universally" adopted by speakers as a primary language

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