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A monk who had taken an old book written by Archimedes, erased the contents, and wrote over it with prayers. Scientists have determined that that monk erased a previously unknown book by Archimedes, that laid out the foundations of Calculus thousands of years before Newton and Leibniz.

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The depression throughout Japan following WWII was what inspired Osamu Tezuka,the father of manga and a medical student at the time,to draw comics to convince people to have hope again.These comics swept thru Japan and laid the foundation for the Japanese manga/anime culture that we know today

What economic and social factors laid foundations of progressivism?

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  1. Hans Berger, a German soilder, suffered an accident that occured many miles away from home. Berger believed his own brain sent his father "signals" which prompted his father to check on his well being via telegram. He went on to get his MD and later laid the foundations of EEG research.

  2. Evariste Galois, a mathematician who died at 20 mortally wounded in a duel, after having spent the night summarising his thoughts which laid the foundations of algebra and modern mathematics. It was in 1832.

  3. Leonard Kleinrock, who laid the mathematical foundation of the Internet, claims to have committed the first illegal act on the Internet, having sent a request for return of his electric razor after a meeting in England in 1973. At the time, use of the Internet for personal reasons was unlawful.

  4. The foundation for the Gateway Arch was laid in 1961 but the arch's construction did not begin until February 12th, 1963.

  5. The word 'Mesmerize' comes from German physician Franz Mesmer (1734-1835) who theorized Animal Magnetism - The presence of energetic transference between all objects & used it as a treatment for over 3000 patients each day. This theory laid the foundation of a practice we today know as HYPNOSIS.

  6. The Marianas Trench was discovered in 1875, measuring a depth of 8 km. The Challenger Expedition 1872–76 was the first research expedition of its kind and laid the foundations of Oceanography.

  7. The VP of the Confederacy once stated in a speech that the Confederacy's "foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery, subordination to the superior race, is his natural and moral condition."

  8. Martin Luther was a vicious anti-semite whose writings arguably laid the foundation for the holocaust.

  9. About Évariste Galois, french mathematician who laid the foundations for Galois theory which laid foundation of modern communication devices died at age 20 in a duel.

  10. Alexander von Humboldt was a notable Prussian Naturalist whose work laid the foundation for biogeography. He resurrected the use of the word Cosmos from Greek Kosmos to unify diverse branches of science. He was the first person to describe the phenomenon and cause of human-induced climate change

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What man laid the foundations for a system of checks and balances?

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The framework for apartheid was laid not by Afrikaners but by the Carnegie Foundation, which saw that growing levels of poverty among white South Africans were a threat to the colonialist world order.

It was President Ronald Reagan who passed a bill allowing Congress to pull money from Social Security, leading to future uncertainty for the retirement fund. "The Social Security Amendments of 1983 laid the foundation for 30-years of federal embezzlement of Social Security money." - source

Frederick Law Olmsted, the co-designer of Central Park, also laid the foundation for the American Red Cross through his work on the US Sanitary Commission during the Civil War - source

Santiago Ramon y Cajal, who laid the foundations for today's neuroscience in 1889, had originally wanted to be a painter but became fascinated with science when he studied anatomy. He also was an expert gymnast, chess player, philosopher, hypnotist and photographer.

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