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The German naturalist Alexander von Humboldt in South America in 1800 encountered a very old parrot that was the sole speaker of a dead Indian language, the original tribe having gone extinct."

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Alexander Von Humboldt has more things named after him than any other person who has ever lived.

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  1. Prussian naturalist Alexander von Humboldt, described by Darwin as the "greatest scientific traveller who ever lived", not only was the first to propose S. America & Africa were once joined, but also discovered 1000s of new species and laid the groundwork for modern geology and meteorology.

  2. Until that time, the different fields were mostly isolated in their studies, often of the same phenomenon.

  3. Alexander Mccall Smith has written several other series including the 44 Scotland Street Series, The Sunday Philosophy Club Series, Corduroy Mansions, and Professor Dr von Igelfeld Entertainments.

  4. Von Humboldt then traveled to Cuba for further study, and concluded in the United States.

  5. Through his vast work on discovering, documenting, and cataloging natural species and features, von Humboldt was the first to propose what would later become the Pangea theory, at least as it pertained to the Atlantic continents.

  6. Humboldt penguin is named after the cold ocean current, known as Humboldt current (discovered by German explorer Alexander von Humboldt), that is typical for the natural habitat of this species of penguin (west coast of South America).

  7. The House of Amberg, of which the present King of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander is a member, became nobility when a pastor began calling himself "von Amsberg" and no one objected. His father had been a baker and his grandfather a blacksmith.

  8. Due to his important contributions in various areas of sciences, there are dozens of species, geographical formations, schools and universities, and regional locations named after him.

  9. Von Humboldt's work on this four-month expedition led him all throughout South America, during which time he discovered different species of birds, located the bifurcation of the Amazon and Orinoco Rivers, discovered the Casiquiare canal between those two rivers, and met a number of indigenous tribes, all of which he documented.

  10. After the cancellation of Captain Nicolas Baudin's attempt at circumnavigating the globe, von Humboldt traveled with another botanist to the Spanish Americas with the support of the Spanish king.

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A chance meeting with someone who had accompanied Captain Cook on his expeditions led von Humboldt to decide to pursue scientific exploration in far-reaching locations.

Von Humboldt was one of the first to propose that there was a unity and interconnection between the different fields of science, all of it being related through nature.

These connections and wealth, despite losing his father at an early age, ensured that von Humboldt received a quality education and was given leave to study a wide variety of subjects.

This lengthy expedition became the framework for the studies of geography and meteorology, and von Humboldt's work then became the foundation for understanding isothermal regions of the planet.

Alexander von Humboldt labored over his most ambitious project to unite everything known about the whole universe in a single work, "Cosmos." - source

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More places, animals, plants and minerals are named after the German naturalist and explorer Alexander von Humboldt than anyone else. From a skunk to a glacier, through craters and seas on the moon.

Von Humboldt was born in Berlin to a fairly wealthy and politically well-connected family.

His body of work was collected and published in a twenty-one-volume set, encompassing a wide variety of science topics and examples.

Rejecting his original studies that would have propelled him in politics, von Humboldt pursued scientific study from a wide variety of renowned teachers.

There is a magnetic equator, just as there are magnetic north and south poles. It’s way below the real equator in South America, which is where Alexander von Humboldt first measured it.

Alexander von Humboldt was a notable Prussian Naturalist whose work laid the foundation for biogeography. He resurrected the use of the word Cosmos from Greek Kosmos to unify diverse branches of science. He was the first person to describe the phenomenon and cause of human-induced climate change

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The Three Emperors Dinner was held in Paris on June 7, 1867 for King William I of Prussia, Tsar Alexander II of Russia, future Tsar Alexander III & Prince Otto von Bismarck. The banquet had 16 courses & 8 wines served over 8 hours. Cost: 400 francs per person or €9,000 in 2015 prices.

Alexander Von Humboldt was a super scientist most have never heard of.

Daniel Kehlmann's novel "Measuring The World", which mixes historic fact and fiction in describing Alexander von Humboldt and Carl Friedrich Gaußs' lives, even had historians and biographers confused, some of which stated "the book exactly recounts historic events."

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