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George Boole, the mathematician and philosopher renowned mostly for his *logic*, died when his wife, in an effort to cure his pneumonia, poured buckets of cold water all over him - believing that "remedies should resemble their cause"

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In 1864, George Boole a Mathematician and Logician, walked two miles in the drenching rain and lectured wearing his wet clothes. He became ill, developing a severe cold and high fever.His wife believed that remedies should resemble their cause, so she poured water on him, he died that year at 49

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  1. Mathematician George Boole's grandson invented the Jungle Gym

  2. Geoffrey Hinton(Comp Scientist) is the great-great-grandson of logician George Boole (True/False ~ 1/0)

  3. George Boole's AND OR NOT gates are in every program ever written. He died this day 150 years ago.

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