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A British Army Gurkha who, in 2010, single-handily fought off up to 30 Taliban fighters to stop his position being overrun

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For 3 days straight, Fritz Christen single handily held his position against waves upon waves of Soviet forces having destroyed 13 tanks and killed nearly 100 soldiers

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  1. Leo Major. A Canadian soldier in WW2 who single handily liberated the heavily reinforced Dutch city of Zwolle from the Nazi's. He received the Distinguished Conduct Medal for his heroics. He did this all with only one eye.

  2. A 5 foot tall 100lbs man named Edward Leedskalnin built a complete castle single handily out of Coral in the 1940's all in the name of his Wife. Some weighing over 9 tons and all with a hammer and chisel. Claimed he discovered the power of the pyramids.

  3. Hyman G Rickover a man who single handily recruited the first crop of Nuclear Naval Officers including future president Jimmy Carter.

  4. Donald Trump single handily ran the United States Football League (USFL) out of business while it was under his ownership.

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