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A man in California bought a video camera so he could capture behind-the-scenes footage of Robert Patrick and Edward Furlong filming scenes for the Terminator 2 arcade game near his home. Instead he ended up capturing the beating of a motorist: Rodney King

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When Edward I, King of England annexed Wales in 1277 AD, he promised them his son, and heir to the throne, would be Welsh. This is why the heir apparent in the UK is always titled "Prince of Wales" before taking the throne.

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  1. King Edward I built the largest trebuchet ever in order to lay siege to a Scottish Castle. The sight of the giant trebuchet so intimidated the Scots that they tried to surrender, but Edward sent them back so he could use his new weapon to launch 300 lb projectiles at the castle.

  2. Edward VIII who held the title of King of England for just 11 months. He abdicated the throne so that he could marry a woman the British government did not approve of as she had been divorced. They remained married until his death.

  3. When Edward I of England was coming back from the ninth crusade in 1272, he learned that his father had died and that he had been made king of England. Instead of returning home to be crowned, Edward went on a leisurely trip in Italy and France for almost two years and only came back in 1274.

  4. John Deydras, a clerk who claimed to be the real King Edward II, but swapped as babies. He attempted to claim a palace and challenged Edward to single combat. At his trial, he confessed to making it up and blamed his cat, which had been possessed by the devil. Both he and the cat were hanged.

  5. King Edward VII was too fat to fully button his suit jacket. In order to not offend the king, everyone else followed suit. A trend was born...

  6. Geoffry Chaucer (of Canterbury Tales fame) was granted "a gallon of wine daily for the rest of his life" by King Edward III of England in recognition of his poetic talent.

  7. Bottom buttons on suits are left unbuttoned because they needed to be unbuttoned while riding a horse. Meanwhile, King Edward VII was too fat for his waistcoat when he was Prince of Wales, so the Court and later everyone in the Empire unbuttoned the bottom of theirs in solidarity.

  8. The wet-nurse chosen by Queen Victoria to nurse her son, the future king Edward VII, years later would use her husband’s razor blade to slit the throats of her six children.

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The Queen owns all the sturgeons, whales, and dolphins in the waters around the UK, in a rule that dates back to a statute from 1324, during the reign of King Edward II

The term "John Doe" for an anonymous person dates back to the reign of King Edward III (1312-1377) - source

David II, King of the Scots was four years old when he married Joan of the Tower, King Edward II of England's daughter, who was seven - source

In 1936 King Edward VIII put Britain in the worst constitutional crisis in 250 years because he wished to marry a twice divorced american woman. The 1st to do so in over 800yrs, he gave up his crown saying "I have found it do without the help & support of the woman I love."

King Edward the VII had a "Coronation Dinner for the Poor of London" where 50,000 dinners were provided to the underprivileged - source

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On 18 January 1901 Marconi sent the first transatlantic radio message originating in the US and it was a greeting from President Theodore Roosevelt to King Edward VII of Great Britain.

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NAACPs co-founder William Edward Burghardt Du Bois died at the age of 95, one day before the march and King's speech.

Edward Elgar's "Pomp and Circumstance" was originally composed for the coronation of King Edward VII. It was played when Elgar received an honorary doctorate from Yale in 1905, other universities started playing it at their graduation ceremonies and pretty soon almost everyone started using it.

In 1821 he was given the great honor of being appointed Physician Extraordinary to King George IV.

After Henry died, Mary, his only child with Catherine of Aragon, would become the ruler of England after Edward died at an early age.

King Edward VII liked the Confederate rebel song "I'm a Good Old Rebel" and wanted to hear "that fine American song with the cuss words in it" again

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Although Harold Godwinson was elected king by English nobles after Edward's death, both Harald of Norway and William of Normandy claimed they were promised the throne.

On this date in 1547, King Henry VIII died and his son, Edward VI became King of England at the age of 9. He died 6 years later at the age of 15.

English king Edward I of England, introduced new measurement system during his reign at the beginning of the 14th century. 3 barleycorns were equal to the size of one inch, 39 barleycorns to the size of one foot and 117 barleycorns to the size of one yard. Modern shoe size system originates from that period. Size 13 for example, corresponds to the length of 13 barleycorns.

Wallis Simpson and her husband, King Edward VIII, who abdicated his throne to marry her, were suspected Nazi sympathizers during WWII.

King George V said of his son Edward III: "After I am dead, the boy will ruin himself in 12 months." Edward abdicated the throne after 11 months as King

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In the 1908 Summer Olympics, the American flag carrier refused to dip the flag to King Edward VII of England, reportedly saying "This flag dips to no earthly king."

Caesar, King Edward VII's dog, was so devoted to him that after the King's death he was permitted to walk in the funeral procession, ahead of King George V and eight other Crowned Heads of Europe

8 comedians were elected into the parliament of Estonia. They held an eating strike to oppose a hunger strike, got rid of a mandatory hour of prayer by performing pagan ceremonies with a tambourine and asked Prince Edward of the UK to become the King of Estonia if elected.

In 1368 Geoffrey Chaucer became one of King Edward III's esquires. His position sent him on diplomatic missions, also giving him time to familiarize himself with the work of poets such as Petrarch and Dante.

In 1303 Richard Pudlicott stole £100,000 of valuables from King Edward I, equal to England's entire yearly tax income. Ministers discovered the robbery when pricelss treasure began turning up in London brothels.

King Edward Gave Geoffrey a pension of 20 marks for his service with the Royal Service.

That, in 1349, football and hockey were banned in England by King Edward III so that more people would practise their archery. Archery was vital to warfare at the time.

"Alexandra limp". Queen Alexandra'S, the wife of King Edward VII, effect on fashion was so profound that society ladies copied her clothing style, the chokers she wore and even her limping. The limping was because of rheumatic fever. Women even wore mismatched heels to imitate Alexandra.

George Washington is actually a distant descendant of King Edward I of England

He attended King Edward's School in Birmingham but left at age 16 to study medicine.

I learned the reason why men should always leave the bottom button open on a suit jacket is out of respect for King Edward VII, who was too fat to button his waistcoat

All of the European royal families were connected by marriage at the time. His uncle was Edward VII the King of England and was the first cousin of Nicholas II the Tsar of Russia.

Bear Grylls is a direct descendant of King Edward IV of England

In 1376, just six years after the nets were first tried, fishermen complained to King Edward III that trawls, were ''destroying the flowers of the land beneath the water there, and also spat of oysters, mussels and other fish upon which the great fish are accustomed to be fed and nourished.''

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