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After capturing Moscow, Napoleon expected Tsar Alexander to sue for peace. The Tsar procrastinated, then heard that Napoleon's army was suffering from lack of supplies: so the Tsar remained absent, & after a month Napoleon had to retreat through the winter, which destroyed his army.

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Despite abolishing slavery, reforming Russia towards a more liberal future and establishing general peace after centuries of war, Tsar Alexander II was assassinated by liberal revolutionaries. His initiatives were killed with him.

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  1. During Tsar Alexander II's assassination, he remarked "thank God I'm untouched" in response to surviving unscathed from a bomb exploding underneath his carriage before immediately being blown up by a second bomb.

  2. Tsar Alexander I of Russia may have faked his Death in order to become a Monk.

  3. During the American Civil War, Great Britain and France were considering joining the Confederate cause. In response, Tsar Alexander II by docked Russian warships in the New York harbor. He also sold Alaska in 1867.

  4. Nadezhda Durova, aka Alexander Durov, a Russian Woman who pretended to be a man, joined the military, fought Napoleon, and was recognized and decorated by Tsar Alexander I.

  5. A young Mark Twain met Tsar Alexander II during a visit to Russia in 1867, later commenting, "I had a sort of vague desire to examine his hands and see if they were of flesh and blood, like other men's."

  6. Sofia Perovskaya, the person responsible for Tsar Alexander II's assassination, was the first woman in Russia to be executed for a political crime

  7. The Three Emperors Dinner was held in Paris on June 7, 1867 for King William I of Prussia, Tsar Alexander II of Russia, future Tsar Alexander III & Prince Otto von Bismarck. The banquet had 16 courses & 8 wines served over 8 hours. Cost: 400 francs per person or €9,000 in 2015 prices.

  8. To satisfy the demanding tastes of Tsar Alexander II, Louis Roederer created The first Cuvée de Prestige of Champagne, also known as Cristal.

  9. Leonid Gurevich Kulikovsky, who was the great grandson of Tsar Alexander III, who reigned in Russia in the 1800s, was farewelled at a service attended by at least 30 people in the Darwin suburb of Malak (Australia).

  10. The first ever suicide bombing was on 13 March 1881 when Grinevitsky killed Tsar Alexander II of Russia whom had just climbed out of a bulletproof carriage after being bombed.

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