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To create an accurate depiction of a black hole in the movie Interstellar, Kip Thorne, a theoretical physicist, wrote pages of theoretical equations to help the VFX team. The resulting visual effects provided Thorne with new insights, resulting in the publication of three scientific papers.

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In Interstellar the depiction of a black hole required completely new CGI rendering software and was so accurate that it provided enough scientifical insight to publish three scientific papers

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  1. A fundamental limit exists on the amount of information that can be stored in a given space: about 10^69 bits per square meter. Regardless of technological advancement, any attempt to condense information further will cause the storage medium to collapse into a black hole.

  2. Stephen Hawking once sent his PhD student away with a very hard problem – finding exact rotating black hole solutions of Einstein’s equations with a cosmological constant – and was stunned when he came back a few days later with the solution

  3. When Han Solo said he did the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs he was not trying to describe how fast his ship was going. Instead he was bragging that he had done a shorter route of the Kessel Run. He did this by going closer to a black hole than most dared to go.

  4. The lowest sound ever recorded is 57 octaves below middle-C and is from a black hole in the Perseus Cluster.

  5. Australian scientists accidentally invented Wi-Fi while searching for black holes.

  6. Jazz on bones" or "Ribs" were bootleg vinyl recordings made from old x-rays with holes burned in the middle from cigarettes. In the 50's and 60's they were a black market method for smuggling banned music into the Soviet Union such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Elvis.

  7. Stephen Hawking’s ashes are buried beneath a memorial stone inscribed with his equation for the Hawking temperature of black holes. To commemorate his death, Hawking’s own words were beamed towards the nearest known black hole to Earth, about 3,500 light years away, by the European Space Agency

  8. During the MH370 missing plane coverage, CNN anchor Don Lemon asked a panel: ‘Is It Preposterous’ to Think a Black Hole Caused Flight 370 to Go Missing?

  9. A sound 1100 decibels loud would create a black hole larger than the Observable Universe.

  10. CGI rendering software, used to model gravitational lensing around black holes and wormholes, in the film ‘Interstellar’ was so accurate it’s creation produced three scientific papers and are likely the best visualizations of said effects ever created.

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black hole fact data chart about Google Trends Interest Over time - Interstellar x Black Hole
Google Trends Interest Over time - Interstellar x Black Hole - April 10 2019

black hole fact data chart about Superradiant scattering, "more bounces back than you send in
Superradiant scattering, "more bounces back than you send in", from a rotating black hole!

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3 scientific papers were published because of new knowledge gained about black holes in the rendering of scenes for the movie Interstellar

If you watched an object slip into a black hole, no matter how long you watched, you would never actually see the object enter it due to time dilation. - source

Wi-Fi was developed by using technology from a failed experiment attempting to detect mini black holes. - source

A black hole without an event horizon is possible, which means it's possible to observe the collapse of an object to infinite density. It's called the naked singularity.

During the 1946 election for sheriff in Athens, Tennessee a deputy refused to let an elderly black man vote. When the man dropped his ballot and ran, the deputy shot him in the back. This catalyst led to WWII veterans laying siege on the officers holed up in a prison. - source

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Hubble watched a failed supernova turn into a black hole before its very eyes. These so-called "massive fails" (seriously) are thought to occur when the core of a star is so huge its exploding shell of gas cannot escape, and instead collapses back in on itself.

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The Schwarzschild Radius is the size an object is compressed in order to make it a black hole. Earth's Schwarzschild Radius would be compressing it to 8.7 mm, which is about the size of a peanut.

S5 0014+81, the biggest suppermassive black hole known, is so bright due to it's huge event horizon that if it were 100 light years away from Earth (6.31 billion times more distant than the Sun), it would appear just as bright as our host star.

A region near a black hole called a photon sphere where the gravitational pull is so strong that light photons orbit it, meaning if you were at that point and turned to the side, you could see the back of your own head.

A black hole 12 billion light years away holds at least 140 trillion times the water in all of Earth's oceans combined, making it the largest known reservoir of water

In 1848, Edgar Allen Poe wrote "Eureka" which envisaged The Big Bang, Black Holes, The Big Crunch and the first plausible solution to the Olbers Paradox. This was 100+ years before any of those were accepted scientific facts and Einstein would later call it "a beautiful achievement".

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black hole fact infographic about Live from the EHT project: first ever picture of a black hol

Live from the EHT project: first ever picture of a black hole!

black hole fact infographic about I'm thrilled there was finally a chance to capture a visible

I'm thrilled there was finally a chance to capture a visible image of a black hole. Anyone else? ( Dont know who created the original image)

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Black Holes "Sing", producing a B-flat sound wave 57 octaves below middle-C from their jets.

In 1969, Fred Hampton and Mark Clark, two heads of the Black Panther Party, were killed in their sleep by Chicago Police. It was described as a gunfight, but 99% of bullets were found to have been shot from the police, & fake bullet holes from the inside were found to have been planted by police

In 1975, physicist Kip Thorne bet Stephen Hawking one year of issues of Penthouse Magazine that black holes exist. Thorne won.

Soundgarden's hit song "Black Hole Sun" was written by Chris Cornell in 15 minutes and the lyrics have no meaning whatsoever.

According to physics there may exist the opposite of a black hole which cannot be entered from the outside, although matter and light can escape from it. It is aptly named: a white hole.

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Leonard Susskind, professor of Theoretical physics, sparked a 28 year old debate with Stephen Hawking, who stated that the information inside a black hole is lost forever, but eventually Susskind proved him wrong.

The Schwarzschild Radius is the size an object is compressed in order to make it a black hole. Earth's Schwarzschild Radius would be compressing it to 8.7 mm, which is roughly the size of a peanut.

Death by black hole is called spaghettification. The tidal forces inside a black hole are so strong that they stretch your body into a long thin noodle of your composite atoms as you descend.

Black holes aren't totally black, as energy is released to compensate for mass that enters the black hole, and this faint glow is called Hawking radiation after Stephen Hawking, who figured it out

The invention of Wifi involved a failed experiment by Australian scientists to detect exploding mini black holes the size of an atomic particle.

John Michell - called both the father of seismology and the father of magnetometry. "One of the greatest unsung black scientists of all time", he was the first person known to propose the existence of black holes, earthquakes travel in waves. No one knows what he looked like.

3 billion years ago, 2 black holes 19 and 31 times the mass of the sun collided, creating a monstrous black hole and rippling the fabric of spacetime.

The largest known black hole has a diameter of 1 trillion km, more than 190 times the distance from the Sun to Pluto.

Scientists recently discovered that some of the most powerful "space winds" in the universe, blowing at 125 million mph from black holes could be killing galaxies.

Once every 10,000 years, a black hole in a galaxy reveals itself by ripping apart a passing star. These tidal disruption events have given astronomers a new way to map the hidden cosmos.

A dumb hole is like a black hole, but sound waves rather than light waves are absorbed and cannot escape. A lab created one in 2009

The black hole electron theory - A theory suggesting that all electrons are actually tiny black holes.

Interstellar's groundbreaking and accurate CGI effects of black holes and gravitational lensing led to the publication of three scientific papers

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