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NASA took Nefertiti the jumping Porscha spider to the ISS to see if she could learn to hunt in zero gravity. She did, and when she returned to earth 110 days later, she successfully retrained her jumps again for 1 g.

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An astronomer was frightened by the jumping spiders on her ceiling, but after she discovered that they were capable of seeing the moon, she said “They can see the moon just like me! I can't kill them now that I know that.”

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  1. A woman jumped from a moving car after seeing a spider on her shoulder. The 9 year old passenger attempted to stop the car, hit the gas, and collided with a school bus.

  2. Jumping spiders can not only see the moon, but also enjoy chasing laser pointers.

  3. The pressure in a Jumping Spider's body makes it explode when studied. Scientists had to invent special micro-tools to finally get a look at their brains.

  4. Researchers at the University of Manchester have trained a regal jumping spider named “Kim” to leap on demand for a robotics research in 2018. First time a spider has been successfully trained to jump.

  5. The male jumping spider goes through an incredible ritual of dancing, vibratory singing and other bizarre motions to attract a female. If the female is not impressed, she eats them.

  6. The zebra spider aka the theatrical jumper (a type of jumping spider) shows awareness of humans by lifting its head and acting differently around them, hence the name.

  7. There is an African jumping spider that loves to consume human blood. It only gets this blood by killing female mosquitoes, however.

  8. Camel spider's name is associated with widespread, but false belief, that these animals can jump few feet in the air, pierce the skin on the camel's belly and eat the content of its stomach.

  9. Jumping spiders have binocular vision, but because their eyes are too close together, they lack parallax depth perception. Instead, they measure visual distance by how fuzzy the image becomes between the bottom and top layers of their multi-layered retina.

  10. Jumping spiders' two main eyes are long tubes, like binoculars.

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Jumping spiders can move the retina of their largest eyes to track prey. Here's a translucent one to demonstrate.

About the Bagheera kiplingi, a species of jumping spider that has a mostly herbivorous diet, something extremely rare among spider species. - source

Portia is a genus of jumping spider that feeds on other spiders (i.e., they are araneophagic or arachnophagic). They are remarkable for their intelligent hunting behaviour, which suggests that they are capable of learning and problem solving, traits normally attributed to much larger animals. - source

Jumping spiders have evolved specialized eye mechanisms with two lenses. One of which moves in all directions, allowing them to focus, and even zoom in on prey.

Jumping spiders, Katydids and Earwigs have all become predators of the brown marmorated stinkbug. All three will eat the eggs of this invasive species which has spread to 40 states in the U.S. - source

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Jumping spiders enjoy mirrors, TV and people-watching!

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The Tan Jumping Spider is curious about humans who come into their visual field!

Spiders have horrible eyesight, as the jumping spiders, which is a species with very good eyesight for spiders can only see 8 inches away.

There exists a species of jumping spider that incredibly accurately mimics weaver ants in looks as well as in behaviour

Male jumping spiders sing to woo females, not just dance

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Bagheera kiplingi is a species of jumping spider notable for its peculiar diet, which is mostly herbivorous

Jumping spiders gauge distance by comparing a blurry image with a clear image

Not all spiders have bad eyesight, Jumping (salticidae) spiders have very advanced eyesight with a resolution almost on par with human eyes

Jumping spider's mating ritual sounds like a motorcycle.

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Male jumping spiders not only dance, but also "sing" as part of their mating ritual.

S.M. "The woman with no fear". Scientists tested her by having her handle snakes and spiders, watch scary movies, and go through a haunted house. Like the haunted houses with people that jump out and scare you.

Milk provisioning in the jumping spider involves a specialized organ over an extended period, similar to mammalian lactation. Observations under the microscope showed droplets leaking from the mother's epigastric furrow where the spiderlings sucked milk.

Japanese House Spiders are the size of your hand and jump at you if you disturb them. (Only one small picture on that link fellow Arachnophobes)

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