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A spider called Bagheera kiplingi who is known for its peculiar diet, which, uniquely for a spider, is mostly herbivorous. No other known spider has such a thoroughly herbivorous diet.

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Not all spiders are predators. There is one known species ― Bagheera kiplingi ― that shows a preference for eating specific types of plant matter when it's readily available for consumption.

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  1. There is a species of Vegetarian Spider. Bagheera kiplingi eats nutrient-rich buds that grow on acacia plants.

  2. About the Bagheera kiplingi, a species of jumping spider that has a mostly herbivorous diet, something extremely rare among spider species.

  3. There is a vegetarian spider species in Central America called Bagheera kiplingi.

  4. There is a single known species of herbivorous spider, called Bagheera kiplingi. It feeds almost exclusively on protein-rich leaf nubs formed by Acacia trees.

  5. Bagheera kiplingi is a species of jumping spider notable for its peculiar diet, which is mostly herbivorous

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