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Male peacock spiders use complex movement, vibrations, and color to win the ladies over, a new study confirms. But the females are not easily impressed by males' disco dance

how peacock spiders make rainbows on their backsides?

There are species of spiders, called peacock spiders, that dance and sing to attract females for mating. There are over 30 such species, with different styles of dance.

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  1. The male Peacock Spider has to dance to impress the female Peacock Spider. If she doesn't like the dance, she could eat him.

  2. The Australian Flying Spider doesn't use its wings to fly but to impress females like a peacock. [Caution: Tiny cute spider. Yes, really tiny and cute.]

  3. There is a kind of spider called Peacock Spider that does elaborate rhythmic dances to impress mates.

  4. Peacock Spiders not only dance, but make their own beats.

  5. There is a species of the peacock spider family named after Skeletor from The Master of The Universe toys.

  6. 2 newly discovered species of peacock spiders are named "Skeletorus" and "Sparklemuffin". TIAlsoL that peacock spider researchers have the imagination of 5 year olds.

  7. The "Sparklemuffin" peacock spider, with sick mating dance moves

  8. Male peacock spiders, Maratus mungaich, drum out a tune on the female's head as he moves in for mating. This is to reassure her of his good intentions and species identity (see image 5/7 in slideshow)

  9. The existence of peacock spiders. They are beautiful!

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What does a peacock spider eat?

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Peacock spiders are a thing, AKA spiders with pretty feathers that look really creepy

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