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During WWII, Joan Pujol Garcia, a double agent that spied on Germany for the British, was supposed to recruit spies in Britain for the Germans. He made up so many fake spy names that Germany decided they had enough "agents" spying for them in Britain, and didn't want anymore.

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Joan Pujol Garcia was a spy for both the Germans and Allies during WW2. He received both the Iron Cross (from Hitler) and the MBE (from King Geoerge VI) for his work.

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  1. Spaniard Joan Pujol Garcia decided to become a spy. He later received both the Iron Cross from Hitler and the an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) from King George VI. He was a double agent that helped pull off D-day.

  2. Joan Pujol Garcia - an Allied Double Agent in WW2 who received both an Iron Cross and an MBE and who successfully helped divert German attention before the D-Day landings

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