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During the Second World War, British double agent Eddie "Zigzag" Chapman and his MI5 colleagues faked a sabotage on an airplane factory. The 'damage' caused was so realistic that the German fell for it, and Chapman was awarded the Iron Cross for his action.

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Eddie Chapman - a professional criminal and prolific womanizer who became an important British double agent during WWII. He once convinced both British and German intelligence to house and pay each of his two fiancees in opposite warzones. He is the only Briton to win the German Iron Cross.

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  1. Eddie Chapman - Criminal and WW2 Double Agent that was so trusted by the Germans he received the Iron Cross.

  2. During World War 2 Eddie Chapman or as people during WW2 called him agent Zigzag, leaked falsified information to Germany by reporting that their bombs were hiting the intended target,Central London, but in reality they were undershooting at several kilometers and missed every time.

  3. About Eddie Chapman, Nazi Germany's only double agent in the UK - who faked an explosion of a plane factory with the help of a magician

  4. During world war 2, a magician named Jasper Maleskyne helped a british double agent named Eddie Chapman to get behind German lines. He did it under the codename "Fritz" then they blew up an empty factory and tricked the Nazis into thinking it was a RAF factory.

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