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H. Jon Benjamin (voice of Archer and Bob from Bob's Burgers) has an entire jazz album where he plays piano, despite not knowing how to actually play piano.

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H. Jon Benjamin, voice actor for Sterling Archer and Bob from Bob's Burgers, made a jazz album entitled "Well, I should have...*" (subtitled "*learned to play piano"). He plays jazz piano on the album. He does not know how to play piano.

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  1. Jon Benjamin, creator of Bob's Burger, recorded an experimental jazz album without knowing how to play any instruments. Includes several tracks titled "I Can't Play Piano."

  2. Jon Benjamin, voice actor know for Archer and Bob's Burger has released a Jazz Album featuring him on piano despite having zero experience. Some of the tracks include "I Can't Play Piano" and "Well, I Should Have..[Learned how to play Piano]"

  3. H. Jon Benjamin released a jazz album called "Well, I Should Have...*" where he plays piano even though he doesn't know how to.

  4. H. Jon Benjamin, lead voice actor for Bob's Burgers and Archer, released a Experimental Jazz Album called 'Well, I Should Have...Learned How to Play Piano.'

  5. H. Jon Benjamin recorded a jazz album despite not knowing a thing about jazz or how to play the piano. It's almost as good as you think it would be.

  6. H. Jon Benjamin (main voice actor on Archer and Bob's Burgers) and Brendon Small (of Metalocalypse) made a cartoon that featured Louis CK as the father.

  7. H. Jon Benjamin, voice actor of Sterling Archer and Bob Belcher, voiced a can of mixed vegetables in Wet Hot American Summer

  8. The creator of Bob's Burgers, Loren Bouchard, previously directed an edutainment series called Science Court, which also featured the voice acting of H. Jon Benjamin

  9. Jon Benjamin (Archer) has an album titled "I Can't Play Piano" where he very poorly alongside jazz music

  10. H. Jon Benjamin was originally rumored to voice Rocket Raccoon in GOTG.

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Jon Benjamin, the voice of Archer, and Bob of Bob's Burgers, released a jazz album in which he try's to strike a deal with the Devil to become a great jazz pianist, but is refused. He proceeds to make a jazz album anyway.

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