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The voice of Chucky in Child's Play was originally recorded by Jessica Walter (aka Lucille Bluth of Arrested Development)

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The character of Fran Sinclair from "Dinosaurs" was voiced by Jessica Walter AKA Lucille Bluth AKA Mallory Archer

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  1. In the original rough cut of Child's Play, Jessica Walter (Lucille Bluth, Malory Archer) was the voice of Chucky. After poor reception from test audiences, Walter's voice was replaced with Brad Dourif.

  2. The voice actors for Mallory Archer (Jessica Walters) and Ron Cadillac (Ron Liebman) are married to each other in the show Archer and real life.

  3. Dr. Strange was adapted for TV in 1978 and the villainess was played by Jessica Walter of Arrested Development

  4. Malory Archer from the animated TV series 'Archer' is voiced by Jessica Walter. An uncanny resemblance.

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