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Pamela Adlon from Louie/Californication voiced cartoon characters like Bobby Hill (King of the Hill), Pepper Ann (Pepper Ann), and Spinelli (Recess)

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The voice actor that plays Pajama Sam is the same that plays Bobby Hill in King of the Hill and Ashley Spinelli in Recess - Pamela Adlon

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  1. Marcy Runkle (Pamela Adlon) does the voice of Bobby, King of the Hill.

  2. Pamela Adlon of "Louie" and "Californication" fame is the voice of Bobby Hill on "King of the Hill."

  3. Pamela Adlon, voice actor of Bobby Hill also voiced Ashley Spinelli from RECESS.

  4. Pamela Adlon from Louie was a regular, featured cast member on "The Facts of Life" for a single season (credited under her Maiden name Pamela Segall).

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