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Keith Moon and John Entwistle once payed a hooker $100 to give Pete Townshend gonorrhea

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One aspect of John Entwistle's life that emerged after his death came as a surprise even to those closest to him, including the members of the Who. "It wasn't until the day of his funeral that I discovered that he'd spent most of his life as a Freemason," said Pete Townshend.

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  1. Famous people known to play the horn include Jon Stewart, John Entwistle (The Who), and Ewan McGregor.

  2. While The Who's guitarist Pete Townshend considers "Magic Bus" his favourite song to play, bassist John Entwistle claimed it was his least favourite song by the band due to the one-repeated-note bass part.

  3. Bass track used on The Who song "The Real Me" was recorded while bassist John Entwistle was "joking around" but the band loved it and used the only take that was recorded.

  4. BBC banned the John Entwistle album "Rigor Mortis Sets In" from its stations after its release due to DJ Jimmy Savile having just suffered a death in his family.

  5. The image on the cover of John Entwistle's "Smash Your Head Against the Wall" is an X-ray of an actual terminal heart patient that Entwistle got from his doctor.

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