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John DeLorean was arrested by the FBI for conspiring to smuggle $24M worth of cocaine into the US while the DeLorean Motor Co was failing to raise money to survive. Claiming he was coerced into participation in the deal by FBI agents who approached him as legitimate investors, he was acquitted

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John DeLorean of The DeLorean Motor Company was arrested as part of a cocaine smuggling operation he was in trying save his company. He was acquitted though because the FBI, DEA and a confidential informant were found to have unfairly targeted and illegally entrapped him.

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  1. John DeLorean, founder of DeLorean Motor Company in 1973, tried to fund a fake cocaine smuggling ring in 1982 as a source of cash for his troubled company. DeLorean was acquitted but DMC went bankrupt and closed, only returning to fame in 1984 when "Back to the Future" cemented its Iconic status

  2. John DeLorean, maker of the famed automobile, was charged by the US gov't with cocaine trafficking in 1982, ultimately tarnishing his name as a businessman

  3. John DeLorean, a former GM executive and Founder of DeLorean Motor Company, was arrested for trafficking 55 pounds of cocaine to finance his failing company

  4. John Delorean, Founder of the DeLorean Car Company was charged, but found not guilty in a $24 million cocaine deal set up by the gov. He needed cash for the company to stay afloat.

  5. Before the DMC-12 John Delorean was also responsible for the iconic Pontiac GTO, Pontiac Firebird and Chevrolet Vega.

  6. Universal Studios paid John DeLorean 5% of net profits from the Back To The Future films to use the delorean as Doc Brown’s time machine.

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