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John DeLorean was arrested by the FBI for conspiring to smuggle $24M worth of cocaine into the US while the DeLorean Motor Co was failing to raise money to survive. Claiming he was coerced into participation in the deal by FBI agents who approached him as legitimate investors, he was acquitted

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A crime watch meeting in Florida was interrupted by a falling 75lb bale of cocaine that had been ejected from a drug smuggling plane flying overhead

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  1. Columbian drug cartels have custom-designed fibreglass submarines to smuggle cocaine. They're designed to carry about 4 people and are extremely hard to detect.

  2. Cocaine Bear, AKA Pablo Eskobear. The bear died in a National Forest in Kentucky in '85 after ingesting a portion of 75lbs of coke ($15mil value) that had been dropped by a drug-smuggling, corrupt, fugitive lawyer who had been parachuting with it before falling to his death.

  3. A woman once tried to smuggle suitcases made out of 15 kilos of cocaine into Spain.

  4. Carrier pigeons are regularly used to smuggle drugs across borders and into prisons. A single pigeon can carry over $3000 of cocaine.

  5. a distinguished professor of physics and astronomy at UNC-Chapel Hill was tricked by someone he met on an online dating site into smuggling 2 kilos of cocaine into Argentina

  6. A man with a broken leg was arrested for drug smuggling after his cast was found to be made of cocaine

  7. John DeLorean of The DeLorean Motor Company was arrested as part of a cocaine smuggling operation he was in trying save his company. He was acquitted though because the FBI, DEA and a confidential informant were found to have unfairly targeted and illegally entrapped him.

  8. John DeLorean, founder of DeLorean Motor Company in 1973, tried to fund a fake cocaine smuggling ring in 1982 as a source of cash for his troubled company. DeLorean was acquitted but DMC went bankrupt and closed, only returning to fame in 1984 when "Back to the Future" cemented its Iconic status

  9. Drug traffickers are using submarines to smuggle drugs (cocaine especially) into the US. They're fully submersible, difficult to detect, and can carry several tons of drugs at a time.

  10. It is estimated that Pablo Escobar was responsible for smuggling 15 tons of cocaine every day at the height of his career in the drug trade.

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At his peak, Pablo Escobar used 2 remote-controlled submarines to smuggle up to 2000 kg of cocaine into the waters of Miami per operation

Pablo Escobar had two submarines that he used to smuggle cocaine into the United States. He also had planes, helicopters, boats, trucks, and cars.

Actor Tim Allen pleaded Guilty to smuggling 1.43 lbs of Cocaine at a Michigan Airport in 1978, only avoiding a potential life imprisonment by giving up the names of other dealers to Federal Authorities. He served just over 2 years. - source

At the height of his cocaine smuggling operation, Pablo Escobar was making more than $70million per day ($26billion per year), making him one of the richest men in the world. He was making so much cash, they spent $1000 per week on elastic bands to wrap the cash.

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Mexican drug Lord Juan Garcia Abrego smuggled tons of cocaine into the US, using Official buses belonging to several branches of the US government, such as Immigration and Naturalization Service , the Texas National guard and even had the CIA in his payroll.

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Journalist Gary Webb shot himself in the head twice after exposing the CIA cocaine smuggling operation from South America to US, that funded right wing death squads and helped start the crack

In 2011, a world-renowned physicist claimed to have accidentally gotten involved in a scam to smuggle 2 kilos of cocaine all the while believing he was going to settle down with a Czech bikini model

"Da Plane" from Fantasy Island was confiscated by the DEA for smuggling cocaine & once capsized in Lake Okeechobee after it was used in the TV show

DeLorean Motor Company Was Such A Disaster, It’s Creator Conspired To Smuggle $24M In Cocaine To Keep It Alive.

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The CIA collaborated with drug dealers and smuggled 22 tons of cocaine into the United States

A gang smuggled cocaine in fresh pineapples.

Cocaine can me mixed with a paste containing fiberglass and other agents to create a malleable substance that can be molded into any shape or form, Colombian traffickers used this method to smuggle cocaine by making cocaine dog kennels

At the height of the cocaine trade, Pablo Escobar paid pilots upto $500,000 per flight depending on how much they could smuggle

Venezuelan President Maduro's nephews confessed to smuggling 1600 lbs of cocaine from Venezuela. They are now in a US prison.

At his peak, Pablo Escobar smuggled over $400 million worth of cocaine each week. He spent over $2,500 a month on rubber bands to hold his money together and rats spoiled roughly 10% of his stashes, resulting in a loss of ~$2 billion.

That, at the height of its power, Pablo Escobar's cocaine smuggling operation profited 420 million dollars per week and spent 1000 per day just on rubberbands to tie up that money.

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Journalist Gary Webb "shot himself" in the head twice after exposing the CIA cocaine smuggling operation from South America to US, that funded right wing death squads and helped start the crack epidemic.

Ricky Prado, formerly one of the CIA's highest ranking officers, supervisor of the unit tasked with hunting down bin Laden, who eventually became vice-president of Blackwater Security, and, before all of that, was a hit-man and enforcer for the cocaine-smuggling Colombian mafia in Miami, FL.

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