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Sam Lloyd, or Ted from Scrubs, is nephew to Christopher Lloyd, or Doc Brown from Back to the Future

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Rick and Morty started as The Adventures of Doc and Mharti, "a pornographic vandalization," of Back to the Future where "Doc Brown urges Mharti that the solution to all of his problems is to give him oral sex."

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  1. The first choice to play Doc Brown in “Back to the Future” was John Lithgow. After he became unavailable, Christopher Lloyd was cast to fill the part.

  2. The Back to the Future musical is scheduled to première in the West End in 2015—the same year that Marty McFly and Doc Brown travelled to in Back to the Future Part II

  3. John Lithgow was the original first choice to play Doc Brown in Back to the Future

  4. In early Drafts of the first Back to the Future movie, Doc Brown almost had a pet chimpanzee instead of a dog, but the head of Universal Studios declined, saying "No movie with a chimpanzee ever made any money".

  5. There was an animated continuation of the Back to The Future series in the early 1990s featuring Bill Nye as Doc Brown's assistant.

  6. Christopher Lloyd (aka Doc Brown) is a descendant of Mayflower passenger John Howland, as well as the grandson of Texaco Co-Founder Lewis Lapham.

  7. Marty pirated videos, time travelled in a fridge, the flux capacitor ran on Coca cola and Doc Brown was Professor Brown in the original Back to the Future Script

  8. Doc Brown was originally cast to be played by John Lithgow, who was unavailable to do the film.

  9. Doc Brown's mind reader might have partially worked in BttF: Marty had "come a great distance" (in time), he had read the Saturday Evening Post to find out what year it was, and earlier he had explained his life preserver by telling Loraine he was in the Coast Guard.

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Bob Gale, one of the producers of the Back to the Future movies, was offered $75,000 from a product placement company to change the DeLorean to a Ford Mustang. He looked them straight in eyes and said, "Doc Brown doesn't drive a fucking Mustang."

Doc Brown traveled to October 21, 2015, and explained to Jimmy Kimmel that we are in an alternate timeline. - source

The show Rick and Morty is based off a joke cartoon about Back to the Future and Doc Brown and Marty - source

Google Map's Pegman will turn into Doc Brown when you use Street View's time machine feature.

Universal Studios paid John DeLorean 5% of net profits from the Back To The Future films to use the delorean as Doc Brown’s time machine. - source

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In 1928 Harold Lloyd dangled off a clocktower in the movie 'Saftey Last'. A desk clock depicting this black & white scene is shown on Doc Brown's desk in the beginning of Back to The Future, foreshadowing the ending of the film!

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The characters Rick and Morty are based on a parody version of Marty McFly and Doc Brown designed by the shows co-creator, Justin Roiland

There's a 1990 TV movie called "The Earth Day Special," which stars Danny DeVito and has cameos from the likes of Doc Brown, Doogie Howser, E.T., The Fresh Prince, and the casts of Cheers and The Cosby Show.

John Lithgow considered for the role of Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown in Back to the Future.

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