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John Corcoran, a teacher who taught for 17 years while being illiterate. He struggled in the 6th grade and never learned to read or write, and cheated his way through college. At the age of 47, he finally learned when he was inspired by Barbara Bush advocating for adult literacy.

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Popular San Diego high school teacher John Corcoran was secretly illiterate during his 17-year classroom career, finally faced his shame and learned to read at age 48. He went on to write books and a create a foundation to promote literacy.

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  1. John Corcoran, a southern California teacher who was unable to read and write until the age of 48. He graduated college, taught high school, and became a successful real estate developer all while reading at a second grade level.

  2. About John Corcoran, who could only read at a second-grade level until age 48 and yet was able to graduate from high school and college, and to work as a high school teacher and real estate developer without being discovered.

  3. John Corcoran who taught high school social studies for 17 years whilst unable to read.

  4. John Corcoran graduated from high school, went on to university, and became a teacher without ever knowing how to read or write

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What happened to john connor in dark fate?

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