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During the reign of the Khmer Rouge, there was a prison camp, named S-21, that had a death rate of 99.96%. S-21 was directed by a former math teacher who ordered "living autopsies," had prisoners' blood completely drained for use in hospitals, and used a "baby-smashing tree" to kill children.

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Larry King has been married eight times to seven women, including to a playboy bunny, a math teacher, and a devout Mormon. He had been married twice before his current wife was even born, and he and his current wife married in a hospital room days before he went into heart surgery.

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  1. Tony Hawken, 57, former maths teacher divorced Britain’s wealthiest woman entrepreneur worth £1.1 BILLION because he doesn’t like being rich and prefers to eat in Wetherspoon’

  2. Yves Volel was Anderson Cooper’s math teacher. Volel was a Haitian activist and political leader who fled Haiti in '65 and became a U.S. math teacher. When he returned to Haiti to run for president in ’87, he was assassinated.

  3. When Naveen Andrews, who played Sayid in Lost, was in high school, he had an affair with his high school math teacher, whom he got pregnant.

  4. During his formal schooling, he was interested in practically every field of science, and had highly acclaimed figures as his teachers of math and philosophy.

  5. About Marion Tinsley, the "perfect" checkers player, a white man who was a lay minister at a black church and a math teacher at a black college, and whose untimely death inspired a programmer to solve checkers.

  6. The Oregon Trail game was originally a board game created by an 8th grade history teacher and was later developed as a computer game by his roommates, math teachers

  7. She set out to become a language teacher with a focus on English and French, but while studying at the university where her father taught, she should great aptitude and interest in math.

  8. Self-taught mathematician and high school teacher Lu Jiaxi who made important contributions to math while living in obscurity. Tragically, he died from overwork before he began a new career as a university professor, remaining in obscurity.

  9. Actor Naveen Andrews (Lost, Sense8) left his home at 16 to be with his 30 year old math teacher, was addicted to heroin and alcohol, can sing, play guitar, and tap dance.

  10. At the urging of his teacher, Carl Friedrich Gauss, considered by many to be the greatest mathematician who ever lived, Riemann gave up theology while at the University of Gottingen to focus on math.

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A study that revealed French math teachers give girls higher grades than boys for the same work

My math teacher once attempted to start a youtube channel... about chicken - source

my math teacher is an ASMR Youtuber - source

A teacher gave her class a racist/offensive math test.

An Alabama Teacher was Suspended After a Racist Math Quiz - source

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Mark Geiger, the controversial American referee in World Cup 2018, was an award winning math teacher before becoming a professional soccer referee

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There exists a maths competition with $175,000 cash prize for the first three students and a whole week in a 5 star hotel on an exotic island for 30 teachers.

A teacher in Germany taught a horse named Clever Hans to do math, read, and identify pictures. It was later proven that the horse actually was just good at reading human expression and horses can’t do math. Despite this, the scientist continued to show Hans believing he was truly clever.

Canadian Prime Minister elect Justin Trudeau was a high school French and math teacher after completing his Bachelor of Education

Jordan Spieth's (winner of the 2015 Masters) caddie was a 6th-grade math teacher 3 years ago — now he has made $375,000 in 30 days

Billionaire Jim Simons, former hedge fund owner, pays 800 deserving math & science teachers in NYC an extra $15,000 a year. This has boosted their moral, and keeps the good ones from leaving the field. Next year's number will be 1,000 - 10% of every NYC math/science public school teacher.

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Naveen Andrews (Sayid Jarah from Lost) had an affair with his High School Math Teacher when he was 16. (Look in the mini-bio)

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