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In 1993 on Seinfeld, Elaine wanted her boyfriend to change his name from a serial killer’s (Joel Rifkin) to something normal. Reading a football almanac, she suggests O.J., who is arrested eight months later.

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In a 1993 episode of Seinfeld, Elaine was dating a guy who shared a named with serial killer Joel Rifkin. She suggested to him that he change his name to O.J. like the football player. The following year O.J. was charged with double murder.

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  1. In Seinfeld season 5 episode 9 Elaine's boyfriend shares a name with serial killer Joel Rifkin, and Elaine suggest that he should change his name to O.J. the episode aired Nov. 1993 Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered Jun. 1994

  2. Serial killer Joel Rifkin was only caught when he was spotted driving without a rear licence plate, and police found the corpse of his last victim in the back of his truck.

  3. During an episode of Seinfeld, Elaine tries to get her b/f to change his name because he has the same name as a serial killer, Joel Rifkin. She suggests the name Deion while looking through a football magazine. After that fails, she suggests the name O.J. Rifkin. O.J., as in O.J. Simpson.

  4. Long Island train shooter Colin Ferguson reportedly fought against serial killer Joel Rifkin; Ferguson commented that Rifkin only killed women, to which Rifkin replied, "Yeah, but I had more victims"

  5. Serial killer Joel Rifkin (who murdered 17 prostitutes) proposed the idea of a shelter for prostitutes where they would be shown pictures of murdered hookers to scare them straight. "'These girls think, I cant be touched,' Rifkin explained. 'Well, 17 girls thought that, and now they're dead.'"

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