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Serial killer Ed Kemper befriended the very police officers investigating his murders, and would socialize with them at a bar called the “Jury Room”. They called him “Big Ed” and never suspected him. When he initially confessed, they thought he was pulling a prank.

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Ed Kemper spent 5,000+ hours over the course of a decade narrating several hundred books on tape for the blind, producing over 4 million feet of tape, as part of a program run in the California Medical Facility State Prison.

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  1. Serial killer Ed Kemper is one of the most prolific audiobook-narrators in the US, with many thousands of hours of reading.

  2. Ed Kemper, serial killer who killed his grandparents and mother amongst many others, voiced reading hundreds of audio books for the blind

  3. Serial killer and necrophile, Ed Kemper, was a prolific reader of books on tape for the blind and has several hundred completed recordings to his name.

  4. Serial killer Ed Kemper requested "death by torture" as punishment for his crimes at his trial.

  5. On one occasion, serial killer Edmund Kemper was left alone in a cell with FBI agent Robert Ressler, who was interviewing him, during a shift change. Ed started taunting Ressler, implying that he was going to murder him; once the guards returned, Ed told Ressler that he was "just kidding".

  6. Serial killer Ed Kemper buried a victim's severed head in his mother's garden as a joke, later remarking that his mother "always wanted people to look up to her".

  7. Ed Kemper (aka the Co-ed Killer) started a program where prisoners record audiobooks for the blind while serving their time. Kemper himself has recorded over 5000 hours of audiobooks.

  8. At the end of his interview with serial killer Ed Kemper, an FBI agent kept pressing a button to summon a guard. Seeing it wasn't working Kemper said “If I went apeshit in here, you’d be in a lot of trouble, wouldn’t you? I could screw your head off and place it on the table to greet the guard.”

  9. Ed Kemper, the serial killer that decapitated him mother then sex with her corpse, recorded a Star Wars audio book

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