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There is a large amount of evidence that proves O.J.'s son, Jason, committed the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson

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In Seinfeld season 5 episode 9 Elaine's boyfriend shares a name with serial killer Joel Rifkin, and Elaine suggest that he should change his name to O.J. the episode aired Nov. 1993 Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered Jun. 1994

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  1. An Internal Affairs Division investigation revealed Mark Fuhrman was heard bragging to other LAPD officers about being intimate with Nicole Brown Simpson & seeing her boob job before her murder

  2. Most black Americans now think that O. J. Simpson was guilty of murder. A 2015 survey found that 57% now believe that he killed Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, up from 16% after Simpson's 1995 acquittal. 69-83% of white Americans have always believed that Simpson was guilty.

  3. When O.J. Simpson's Los Angeles home was torn down in the late 1990s, a knife similar to the one used in the murder of his wife Nicole Brown and friend Ron Goldman was found, it was kept as a memento by a police officer

  4. Who really killed Nicole Brown Simpson ans Ron Goldman. Glenn Rogers' mother wears Nicole's lost angel pendant to his trail.

  5. OJ Simpson has tried multiple times in federal courts to get the Browns phone records released to prove his innocence but to this day the Browns and Goldmans have not released the phone records that would show Nicole Brown Simpson was alive at 11pm that night when O.J. Simpson was at the airport

  6. OJ Simpson's son Jason most likely killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

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