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A serial killer called the Grim Sleeper killed at least ten women from 1985-2007; the LAPD knew of the string of murders but did not find them urgent because the crimes were classified as NHI - "No Human Involved"

Lonnie Franklin Jr., the Grim Sleeper serial killer, was arrested roughly 20 years after his first murder due to police finding his DNA on a piece of discarded pizza.

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  1. The serial killer dubbed "Grim Sleeper" was arrested and eventually convicted of several murders after investigators collected his DNA from the uneaten pizza crusts he discarded while eating at a restaurant.

  2. When investigating the "Grim Sleeper" serial killer, the LAPD marked the deaths of several women in South Los Angeles with the identification “NHI”, meaning "no humans involved", which was used for cases involving chronic drug users and prostitutes.

  3. There was a serial killer in LA nicknamed "The Grim Sleeper" because of the long breaks between his murders

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