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A sentry assigned to guard Napoleon's house in Austria did not recognise him and threatened to stab him with his bayonet. The next day, he was awarded the Legion of Honor by Napoleon for doing his job so well.

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Marcella LeBeau, a WWII Army Nurse who served in the wake of D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge. She received the French Legion of Honor, the highest French order of merit for military and civil merits. The Native American woman is 98 and still active in her community in South Dakota.

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  1. During the Siege of Astorga in 1810, an Irish drummer in the French Army continued to beat his drums despite having lost both legs. He was awarded the French Legion of Honor for his bravery

  2. The Grand Army of the Republic was created by the Union Army to honor their dead. After World War I the American Legion took over their duties.

  3. Cabrera's work on filariasis earned him numerous honors, including the Philippine Legion of Honor in 1966. This award is given by the country's president for important contributions to society.

  4. Elie Wiesel has won a multitude of awards for his work including the Ingram Merrill award, Holocaust Memorial Award, Jabotinsky Medal, Prix Livre Inter, Grand Prize in Literature, Commander in the French Legion of Honor, Us Congressional Gold Medal, Medal of Liberty, Nobel Peace Prize, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom etc...

  5. There is a boarding school in France reserved for female descendants of people awarded the Legion of Honor, the Military Medal or the National Order of Merit.

  6. In April 2002 she was named a United Nations Messenger of Peace, and she has received the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement, the French Legion of honor, the Kyoto Prize, and the Benjamin Franklin Medal in Life Sciences.

  7. The first person to coin the term "sugar daddy" was Alma de Bretteville Spreckels, the wife of a sugar magnate. She persuaded her husband to donate the Legion of Honor art museum to San Francisco.

  8. In 1848, swarms of crickets destroyed Mormon’s crops in Utah, but the farmers were saved thanks to legions of gulls who devoured the crickets. In return, a monument was built in their honor, Utah made the California gull the state bird, and the event became known as the “Miracle of the Gulls.”

  9. The Wright brothers had a sister named Katharine who eventually joined her famous brothers in their crusade to sell their plane. She even became one of the few women to be awarded the French Legion of Honor.

  10. Jacques Cousteau was awarded the Legion of Honor and several other medals from France for his efforts in the French Resistance during World War II.

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Eugene Bullard was the first African-American military pilot. He received fifteen decorations from France, and was made a knight of the Legion of Honor. During the Peekskill riots of 1949 Bullard was beaten by an angry mob, which included members of the state and local law enforcement.

American Train Heroes will receive an annual stipend of $7.12 as part of receiving the Legion of Honor - source

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