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All British Army armored vehicles must have an electric kettle so the crew can brew tea without getting out. This rule was made after a WWII ambush, where a British tank squadron lost 29 vehicles to a surprise attack by four German tanks while the British crews were outside having morning tea

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An armored vehicle prototype invented by Preston Tucker in 1930s. Tucker Tiger, as it was called, was entirely bulletproof, had air conditioning, and a turret that could rotate 360 degrees. Its maximum speed was 114 mph, but it was rejected by the Army because they felt it was too fast.

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  1. There are gold plated ATMs in various countries that dispense gold bars (first ATM was located in Abu Dhabi). The machines are fitted "like an armored vehicle" and tested with explosives to prevent theft.

  2. Leonardo da Vinci not only conceptualized the world's first self-propelled vehicle and crank-powered armored car (tank), but also possibly constructed the world's first humanoid robot - more than 500 years ago.

  3. In Australia there is an annual event building highly detailed suits of armor, weapons, vehicles and animals out of cardboard. They then have a massive battle destroying everything. They call it Boxwars.

  4. All the British armored vehicles have a built-in kettle that can be used to make tea whenever the crew want it.

  5. A real-life Rambo, a man who evaded thermal-imaging helicopters, armored vehicles, and nearly 1,000 police officers for 48 days after murdering a state trooper with a sniper rifle in northern Pennsylvania. The man, Eric Frein, learned his skills as an Eagle scout and war reenactor.

  6. The most effective tank destroyer that America had during World War II was actually a small vehicle called the M18 Hellcat. It didnt have a very powerful gun, or much armor... but it was the fastest armored vehicle ever deployed until the turbine powered Abrams tank was designed, decades later.

  7. An armored SUV could not protect US agents in Mexico during an ambush because the doors unlocked when the vehicle was put in park .

  8. Ex-army amphibious armored vehicles (BRDMs) are being used in Russia as taxis

  9. During WWII America sent more vehicles to Russia (501,660) than Russia itself produced (343,624). America was also the only source of armored troop transporters, meaning the soldiers of the Red Army were transported in American vehicles.

  10. The Soviet Union developed armored vehicles that used giant screws instead of tracks or tires.

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During World War I, when the British were developing the tank, they called these first armored fighting vehicles "water tanks" to keep their real purpose a secret. This code word has remained in spite of early efforts to call them "combat cars" or "assault carriages."

The LA school police has semi-automatic rifles and mine resistant armored vehicles. They also had grenade launchers up until last year. - source

BMW sells armored versions of their vehicles - source

The day after Pearl Harbor, FDR rode to the Capitol to deliver his "Infamy" speech in Al Capone's confiscated armored vehicle after the Secret Service expressed safety concerns over his limousine.

Dozens of nations compete annually in the International Army Games (War Olympics) in events including tank biathlon, sniper marksman shooting, guard dog obstacle course, armored vehicle races. - source

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Franklin Roosevelt Was the First U.S Presidents to Start Using an Armored Vehicle For Transportation, Al Capone’s Cadillac

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The US spent over $11 Billion in material for the USSR, sending over 400,000 jeeps and trucks; 12,000 armored vehicles (including 7,000 tanks, about 1,386 of which were M3 Lees and 4,102 M4 Shermans); 11,400 aircraft (4,719 of which were Bell P-39 Airacobras) and 1.75 million tons of food.

During WWII there was a project issued by the Russian military known as "Anti-tank dog," where dogs were taught to carry explosives to tanks, armored vehicles and other military targets.

After becoming infuriated with motorists parking their luxury cars illegally around the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, mayor Artūras Zuokas personally ran an armored vehicle crushing them.

The 2,200 Bradleys involved in Operation Desert Storm, only three were disabled. In fact, more enemy armored vehicles were destroyed by Bradleys than by the Abrams Main Battle Tanks!

A WW2 observation pilot got bored of not being in combat and decided to strap 6 bazooka’s to his plane destroying several tanks and armored vehicles.

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The name for the tank was used to hide the real use of the armored vehicle.

The most expensive armored vehicle in the world, The Kombat T98, is completely upholstered in the interior with whale penis leather.

The "tactical bobcat" used today in California is called The Rook. An armored critical incident vehicle

During WW2, US Army Lt Col Charles Carpenter was credited with killing six German armored vehicles and immobilizing many more using bazookas mounted on his L-4 Grasshopper observation aircraft, earning himself the nickname "Bazooka Charlie."

An armored car driver set a bucket down on the sidewalk in Manhattan and briefly went back to the cab of the vehicle, allowing a pedestrian to walk off with $1.6 million in gold flake.

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Samsung is so large that it has its own military division called Samsung TechWin. It designs several different armored vehicles (artillery, amphibious assault, APCs) and jet engines for the South Korean military as well as for export to allied nations.

about The Ghost Car, an armored, flat-black, 440-hp Chevy Camaro that a Dutch Special Forces commando outfitted with the help of the U.S. Army to serve as a high-speed rescue vehicle during the Bosnian Civil War. The car was driven through countless literal firefights to assist civilians.

A group of people plan to drive across the U.S. in an armored vehicle allowing you to legally perform a heist on it.

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