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Walmart used to take out life insurance policies on their employees and keep the payouts when they died, a practice colloquially known as “Dead Peasant Insurance”

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One of the most expensive wine bottles that was never to have been drunk was a 1787 Margaux from Thomas Jeffersons Collection, the owner brought it to a restaurant and a waiter knocked it over. Insurance payout was $225,000 in 1989

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  1. In 1996 a man named Larry Rutman hit himself in the head with a boomerang. He successfully sued himself for US$ 300,000, with the entire payout coming from his insurance

  2. Companies used to be able to take out "Dead Peasant" life insurance on employees without their knowledge or consent. In one example Amergy Bank took out a policy on an employee undergoing chemotherapy for Brain Cancer. They fired him and collected the $4.7M life insurance payout when he died.

  3. Insurance companies are themselves insured against big payouts from unforseeable disasters, and that this is called 'reinsurance'.

  4. In the mid to late 90s it was a common "fast cash" investment to buy out the insurance policies of those infected with HIV/AIDS for say 20-40% the final payout.

  5. The insurance company backing the payouts for Who Wants to be a Millionaire sued the show for being too easy

  6. Rowan Atkinson, of Mr. Bean comedy fame, once wrecked his personally owned McLaren F1, which resulted in the highest insurance payout in Britain at £910,000.

  7. A man planted a bomb in a suitcase of his mother, who was about to board an airplane. He wanted revenge for his childhood and a large life insurance payout. The bomb exploded mid-air and the explosion killed all 39 passengers and all 5 crew members.

  8. Reinsurance: insurance for insurance companies to help pay large payouts like natural disasters

  9. When a woman was hit and killed by an uninsured driver, her insurance company went to court to defend the uninsured so as to reduce their potential payout

  10. There is a term in the life insurance industry called 'catastrophic longevity'. It refers to the ever increasing human lifespan over the last few decades and how that trend has been resulting in larger and larger insurance payouts to individuals as they live further and further into old age.

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Insurance companies offer Hole-In-One insurance which gives payouts in the thousands when a golfer gets a hole-in-one because the "lucky" golfer will be expected to buy drinks for everyone, tip heavily, and sometimes buy the entire golf party gifts.

In 1992 Detectives in Vienna had found two wealthy, elderly sisters dead in an apartment and needed to determine which died first in order to properly disperse the women’s substantial estates and life insurance payouts. They solved the problem thanks to cold war bomb testing in 1963. - source

The insurance payout for 9/11 casualties and damages was estimated at $40 Billion, making it the largest property/casualty claim in history.

On September 23, 2010, Teresa Lewis was the first woman executed (lethal injection) in Virginia in nearly a century. She hire Shallenberger and Fuller (life in prison) to kill her husband (Julian Clifton Lewis, Jr) and her stepson (Charles J. Lewis) in order to get a life insurance payout. - source

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A Utah woman successfully sued herself for negligence in the death of her husband in order to collect an insurance payout.

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GRIP, a London based insurance company, has sold over 37,000 alien abduction insurance plans. $150 annual payment. $160,000 payout if you can prove you were abducted by a being not from Earth.

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is $30 billion in debt to the U.S. Treasury; and some individuals, with homes that have flooded multiple times, have received payouts totaling in excess of $1 million while paying premiums of only $4800 per year.

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