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Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean) holds the record for the biggest car repair bill (via a successful insurance claim) to fix his crashed McLaren F1 - more than £900k

McLaren designed a "F-duct" into their F1 car wherby a well placed drivers kneecap disrupts the airflow and stalls the rear wing, adding 6 MPH to top speed

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  1. If a Mclaren F1 traveling at 100 mph went past a stationary Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4, and the 4-turbo, 1,000,000€ worth Veyron set off at full speed as the McLaren passed, the Veyron would top 200 mph first.

  2. Gordon Murray, designer of the McLaren F1, was highly critical of VW's Bugatti Veyron. "It's like saying we're going to beat the original Mini because we're going to make a car 10mph faster on its top speed - but it's two foot longer and 200 kilos heavier. That's not car designing."

  3. The largest fine in the history of organized sports was against the McLaren F1 team, for $100,000,000

  4. Rowan Atkinson, of Mr. Bean comedy fame, once wrecked his personally owned McLaren F1, which resulted in the highest insurance payout in Britain at £910,000.

  5. The legendary Supercar McLaren F1 has parts that simply “times out”. In other words parts of the car are literally on a count down timer of about a year or two, and then forces the car to stop working.

  6. Elon Musk crashed a McLaren F1, known as "the greatest automotive achievement of all time," while it was uninsured

  7. McLaren F1 tires cost $7,000 but changing the tires costs $50,000. Since it's a race car, it can only balance the tires while driving around a race track so the owner has to rent out a track & pay for transport/liability/EMT's/drivers.

  8. The McLaren Group, owners of the F1 team and McLaren road cars, helped develop Sensodyne and Aquafresh toothpaste brands.

  9. Elon Musk once wrecked a McLaren F1 costing $1 million.

  10. During the making of the McLaren F1, Gordan Murray was so focused on weight savings he made a CD Player with "Aluminum Magnets" to save a couple of ounces

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Back in 1988 when Aryton Senna (regarded as probably the best F1 driver ever) was negotiating his contact with the then team principal of McLaren , Ron Dennis, regarding the last $1,500,000. Which was then decided by a coin toss which Ron Dennis ultimately won.(Source:-21:45)

Liam Howlett from The Prodigy sold his McLaren F1 Supercar, of which only 106 exist, because he found it "too terrifying to drive". - source

Elon Musk wrecked a McLaren F1 with Peter Thiel as his passenger.

In 2015 Rowan "Mr. Bean" Atkinson sold his 1997 McLaren F1 supercar for $12.2 million dollars. Originally purchased for around $850,000, the car went through 2 major accidents before the sale, one of them costing a little over a million to repair. Talk about profit! - source

McLaren needs a 20-year-old Compaq laptop to maintain its F1 supercar

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