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About Anthony Pellicano, a Hollywood fixer recently released after 15yrs in prison for multiple indictments, he walked out to a six-figure trust funded by high level execs and Hollywood stars for his silence while incarcerated.

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Humanity First is an international charitable trust that cites efficiencies resulting in over 93% of funds going straight to projects, and the actual aid value delivered is often 50 times greater than the value of donations received.

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  1. When a child actor is cast in California, a trust fund, or Coogan account, is setup to store at least 15% of their earnings. This was after the parents of Jackie Coogan, a child star from some early Charlie Chaplin movies, squandered nearly all of his fortune before he reached adulthood

  2. "Methuselah Trusts," trust funds designed to accumulate massive wealth over hundreds of years through the power of compound interest. One such trust, set up for Hartwick College in 1936, was so massive, it was feared it “could ultimately shatter the nation’s financial structure.”

  3. Edward Norton is a prolific philanthropist, being president of the American Branch of the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, a UN Goodwill Ambassador, member of Enterprise Community Partners, founding CrowdRise to raise funds for charity, and chairman of the board to Signature Theatre.

  4. Every resident of Alaska receives ~$2,000 a year because of a payout from an oil wealth trust fund.

  5. Philip Seymour Hoffman did not want his children to be "trust fund babies" so he did not create a trust. This resulted in a $12 million estate tax bill that he could have avoided if he made a trust fund.

  6. In 2016 Michael Jordan donated $1 million each to an organization building trust between law enforcement and local community and to a civil rights legal defense fund.

  7. Philip Seymour Hoffman didn't want his children to be "Trust Fund Kids" so he didn't make a trust for them, which resulted in a $12 million tax bill that he could have avoided if he made a trust and exercised proper estate planning.

  8. That, in his will, Phillip Seymour Hoffman left none of his fortune to his three children for fears they would be considered "trust fund" kids.

  9. When John Bowman died in 1891 he left a trust worth $50,000 to pay servants to keep up the housework in his 21 room mansion. He also requested that a daily meal be prepared in case he and his family were reincarnated together. The trust ran out of funds in 1950.

  10. Cleveland businessman Hayward Kendall donated 430 acres of land in 1929 to the park. He also established a trust fund for Ohio.

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Social Security trusts include the Federal Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund, the Federal Hospital Insurance Trust Fund, and the Federal Disability Trust Fund.

Milton Hershey, founder of The Hershey Company, transferred nearly all of assets to the Milton Hershey School Trust to fund the school so they can provide free education to students. - source

The tiny Pacific island nation of Nauru had the world's highest GDP per capita in the late 1960's, but has since gone bankrupt due to exhaustion of its phosphate reserves and mismanagement of its trust funds. - source

Baby Jessica", who fell down a well in October of 1987 and was rescued after 58 hours, received $1.2 million for a trust fund from multiple donations. She used part of those funds at age 25 to purchase a home, but lost most of what was left in the stock market crash of 2008.

Andrew Carnegie founded the Carnegie Corporation of New York, Carnegie Institution for Science, Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and the Carnegie Hero Fund.

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He left this wealth in trust upon his death to fund the awards that bear his name.

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Nearly 500 years later, public housing funded by one of the richest men in history (Jakob Fugger) is still in use and funded by the same trust

Bibliomaniac Stephen Blumberg. Despite living on a $72,000 annual trust fund, he was obsessed with creating his very own reference library. In 1990, he was arrested for stealing over 23,600 rare books from over 268 universities and museums in the U.S. and Canada, valued at over $5.3 million.

The kingdom of Tonga lost $20 million in the early 2000s after giving control of the national trust fund to a court jester.

The child star in the 80's show Small Wonder is homeless and living under a bridge after a stripper stole his trust fund

A trust fund for $1.5 million was opened for high school students in the Canadian town of Lewisporte after they volunteered to help passengers of Delta Flight 15, which was flying back to the U.S. from Frankfurt when the 9/11 attacks happened and the passengers were stuck in the town for 2 days

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Benjamin Franklin created two trusts, one thousand pounds each, given to Boston and Philadelphia that had a maturity period of 200 years. By the time the full funds were withdrawn they were worth $2.25 million (Philadelphia) and $5 million (Boston).

London has a trust that was established in 1282 to fund London Bridge that is worth over £500 million today.

The charitable Sheffield Town Trust funded a cricket match which aimed to "prevent the infamous practice of throwing at cocks".

Australia is one of the highest contributors to the Afghan Army Trust Fund, despite its small population and GDP

Social Security Trust Fund is a misnomer

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The fate of the world's largest exchange traded fund rests on the health of 11, essentially random people, born between May 1990 and January 1993. The 240 billion fund is a type of trust fund that will expire in 125 tears after it's creation or 20 years after the last death of these 11 people.

Astroturf is fake grassroots movements funded by political, corporate, or other special interests to manipulate or distort media messages. Also don't trust Wikipedia.

Saddam Hussein and his sons were big fans of the movie 'Scarface', even naming a trust fund after it.

Philip Seymour Hoffman left no money behind for his children because he didn't want them to be seen as "Trust Fund Kids"

Saddam Hussein and his son created a trust fund called "Montana Management". Named after the money-laundering front company from the movie Scarface

Leona Helmsley, an American Businesswoman known as the “Queen of Mean”. When she died, she left her dog a $12 million trust fund, reduced to $2 million after consideration. She left the bulk of her estate - $4 billion- to a trust, on the condition that it be used to benefit dogs.

A man sued himself for attempting to raid his own trust fund. The case was dismissed, but he appealed. He ultimate won... and lost.

In 1926, a man names Baron Bliss willed a BZ$1.8 million trust fund to Belize, despite never having set foot on the mainland

Eddie the Eagle' won't make a dollar from the new film based on his life, as he sold the film rights to his life story 18 years ago for £180,000. This money was in a poorly managed trust fund, so what he had left of it was taken by his now ex-wife in their divorce earlier this year.

According to the results of a government-funded five-year long study designed to measure the social integration of European immigrants, 69% of Muslims in Austria reported they reject homosexuals as friends, 63% say Jews cannot be trusted, and 66% believe the West seeks to destroy Islam

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