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Artificial grass got the name "AstroTurf" because the first professional team to play on it was the Houston Astros.

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In 1976 The Houston Astros and The Pittsburgh Pirates ate dinner together on the field of the Astrodome after area flooding prevented umpires and fans from reaching the stadium.

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  1. The last time the Houston Astro dome hosted the Super Bowl in 2003, was vaunted as the "Greatest Super Bowl of all Time" It's also when Janet Jackson had her live "nipslip" performing w/Justin Timberlake. A guy frustrated trying to find clip the next day had a decent idea and created YouTube.

  2. The owner of the Houston Astros had two gaudy apartments built in the Astrodome. One for him and one for Lyndon Johnson.

  3. In June 2014, Sports Illustrated predicted the 2017 Houston Astros would win the World Series

  4. Sports Illustrated Predicted the Houston Astros to win 2017 World Series in 2014. They even had the 2017 World Series MVP on the cover.

  5. The Houston Astros were originally named "The Colt 45s"

  6. The Houston Astros were originally named the Houston Colt .45s

  7. The catcher for the Houston Astros is nick-named "The White Bear" and lived with a spiritual guru in a hostel after being diagnosed with depression before joining the Majors.

  8. On June 15, 1976 it was raining so hard in Houston that the Astros stadium, the first baseball stadium to have a roof, cancelled a game because hardly any staff or fans could make it. Concession workers set up tables on the field and both teams ate dinner on the field together.

  9. The Houston Astros were originally called the Houston Colt .45s — they changed their name to the Astros three years later.

  10. In 1995 the Houston Astros were on the verge of moving to Northern Virginia (just outside D.C.) when their Astrodome lease was set to expire.

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The reason Minute Maid Stadium (Houston Astros) has a train for celebrations is because there actually used to be a train station on the site.

A Houston mattress salesman bet $3.5 million on the 2019 Astros winning the World Series. - source

Houston Astros Evan Gattis Pees on his Hands - source

AstroTurf, originally branded as ChemGrass, changed its name after it was first famously used at Houston Astros baseball stadium in 1966.

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