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Despite supporting one of the highest human population densities, Japan is the first developed country with the highest percentage (74%) of forest-covered land. Japan's forest management policy began over four centuries ago.

how high is the highest peak in africa?

Red hair occurs naturally in 1-2% of the human population. However, In Ireland, the percentage of population with red hair is estimated to be around 10%, making it the world’s highest concentrated population of red heads.

What is the highest percentage of alcohol?

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what state has the highest percentage of black population?

  1. San Antonio, Texas has the highest percentage of gay and lesbian parents in the US

  2. Vermont is the US state with the highest percentage of people claiming no religion

  3. Reese's Hearts have the highest percentage of peanut butter per cup.

  4. Singapore has the world's highest percentage of millionaires, with 1 in 6 households having at least 1 million USD in disposable wealth.

  5. Around 20% of Poland's population died in WW2. The highest percentage of any nation.

  6. Iceland has the highest population percentage of pot smokers at 18.3% of their country smoking weed.

  7. A shotgun to the head has the highest suicide lethality percentage at 99.0% from a study done in 1995 that ranked suicide methods by lethality percentage, time until death, and amount of pain/agony

  8. The English town of Easington has the highest percentage of white residents in England and also the UK's lowest population of Jedi Knights.

  9. Chile has the highest percentage of people belonging to one singular blood group. 85% of the population are O +ve

  10. Out of all commonly used street drugs, alcohol has the highest percentage of harm inflicted to others while intoxicated compared to harm to yourself.

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What is the highest thc percentage in flower?

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highest percentage fact data chart about Top 30 Subreddits with the Highest Percentage of "Bourdain"
Top 30 Subreddits with the Highest Percentage of "Bourdain" Comments, From Last 2 Days

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Percentage of people in the UK, whose highest educational attainment is a university degree, by religion.

Why august has the highest percentage of births?

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Mississippi has the highest percentage of citizens without internet. 41% of Mississippi has no internet access at all, and an additional 8.7% don't have any home internet.

Scotland has the highest percentage of consumptuion of cocaine in the world! - source

Rhode Island has the highest percentage of Italian-Americans in the U.S at 18.9% while Arkansas has the lowest percentage at 1.6% - source

Among all Mexican states, Yucatan has the highest percentage of indigenous language speakers at over 30% and the highest number of Yucatec Maya speakers. More than 65% of the state's population is listed as indigenous, which is the second highest among all Mexican states.

That, as of 2017, the US State that has the highest percentage of registered organ donors is Montana, with 93%. The lowest is New York at 23%. The overall number of American citizens registered to donate is 42% (2018.) - source

When was the highest percentage of smokers?

The country with the highest percentage of native English speakers is Ireland, followed by UK and New Zealand. Canada ranks as only 56% due to the prevalence of French and First Nations languages.

How many highest peaks in pakistan?

A NASA experiment found that 6% of drivers will swerve to hit an animal crossing the road. Of the tested creatures (rubber models at the side of a highway), the highest percentage of strikes were for the tarantula, with the least for the turtle.

Swaziland has the highest prevalence of HIV as percentage of population 19-49 in the world, 26.5%

Russia has the highest percentage (45%) of women in senior management out of any country

This was one of the deadliest battles of the war. There were over 23,000 casualties, giving the Battle of Stones River the highest percentage of casualties of any battle in the war.

Tonga has the highest percentage of Mormons in the world, as much as 60% of the population

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Scotland has the highest percentage of cocaine usage in the world with around 1 in 40 scots using the drug.

The majority of Americans (59 percent) live in the state in which they were born. The state with the highest such percentage was Louisiana (78.8 percent), followed by Michigan (76.6 percent), Ohio (75.1 percent) and Pennsylvania (74.0 percent).

Despite being in one of the least populous states, Anchorage, AK is larger than the the smallest state (Rhode Island) and behind only New York in having it's most populous city contain the highest percentage of it's residents.

Russia's population has the highest percentage of cat ownership

Stever Kerr has a higher 3-point shooting percentage than Steph Curry, and is highest all time.

How tall (in feet) is california’s highest peak?

Altitude can affect birth weight, as a result, Colorado has some of the highest percentages of low birth weight in the US.

Maldives is the country with the highest percentage of GDP from tourism.

7 out of the 10 countries with the highest percentage of women to men are from the former Soviet Union

Washington DC has the highest percentage of never-married adults under the age of 40 at almost 77%. The US average is 56%.

Israel has the third highest percentage of entrepreneurs of all countries in the world.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 77 percent of women in Nigeria use skin-lightening products, the world’s highest percentage. That compares with 59 percent in Togo, and 27 percent in Senegal

Kirya Joel, NY, is a village with the highest poverty rate in the United States. It also has the youngest median age and highest percentage of Hungarians and only 6.2% speak English at home.

The Chicago Cubs hold the record for highest win percentage (.763) of any team in baseball despite having not won the World Series in 106 years.

The worldwide human genome consists of a few percentage Neanderthal B006 haplotype DNA, except for sub-saharan Africans. Native American DNA contains the highest percentage.

Russia has both the HIGHEST literacy rate in the world and the highest percentage of college graduates

Cook Islands has the highest percentage of obesity in the world.

Mexican American WWII soldiers earned the highest percentage of Congressional Medals of Honor of any US minority

South Carolina and Louisiana have the highest percentage of people who say they are white, but have at least 5 percent African DNA.

Thompson has the highest percentage of its population as Aboriginal (43.5%) out of all 152 cities in Canada. Thompson's trade area is larger than New Mexico yet contains just over 50,000 residents, with many of the smaller communities accessible only by air or winter road

Qatar actually has the world's highest percentage of millionaires... almost 1/6 of the country is worth at least 1 million USD.

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