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The unincorporated community of Boring, Oregon is twinned with Dull, Scotland and Bland, Australia

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The unincorporated community of Cool California features establishments such as Cool General Store, Cool Bunz N Beanz and Cool Lutheran Mission Church

What unincorporated community is the highest point in missouri?

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what unincorporated community is home to the highest point in missouri?

  1. There's 'unincorporated community' in Massachusetts called Satan's Kingdom

  2. An unincorporated community called Brazil exists in Mississippi.

  3. In 1999, Enron Energy Traders rerouted over 2900 megawatts of energy to the unincorporated community of Silver Peak, Nevada. This caused a massive power outage in California, and the company made a profit of $7 million from the outage. They were fined $25,000.

  4. There are 3 places in the US named Shanghai, unrelated to the Chinese city, in Virginia, West Virginia, and Illinois. They are all unincorporated communities.

  5. There is an unincorporated community in Ontario, Canada called Redditt

  6. The existence of the unincorporated community of Tarzan, Texas, actually named after the character "Tarzan"

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