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Scientists have been giving MDMA to Octopuses to see what effect it has on their sociability. "At first they used too high a dose, and the animals “freaked out and did all these color changes,”

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Concorde flew so high passengers received twice the dose of radiation from flying in a conventional aircraft, which was believed to increase cancer risk. The flight deck contained a radiometer so they could descend in case of a solar storm.

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  1. Diphenhydramine, sold under brand names Benadryl, Nytol, ZZZQuil, Unisom, and others can cause extremely realistic hallucinations and confusion at high doses. Most users report hallucinations of spiders, conversations with people that aren't there, and a lingering impending sense of doom.

  2. The FDA tried to regulate vitamin supplements in high doses (>150% DV) due to potential health risks. Regulations were fought by the Vitamin Industry, who then funded a bill preventing all FDA regulation of supplements, which has been law since in 1976.

  3. Dennis Quaid’s face appeared on warning labels of vials of blood thinner Heparin to remind nurses not to accidentally inject patients with high concentration doses after Quaid’s newborn twins almost died of an accidental overdose

  4. Dolphins get high off puffer fish by holding the fish in their mouths and passing it around between them, causing the fish to release defense toxins which are euphoric in low doses. After they get high, they let the puffer fish go.

  5. "Arsenic Eaters" - a group of Austrians who ingested doses far beyond the lethal dose of arsenic trioxide without any apparent harm. They used to eat up small doses initially and gradually built up to 300-400mg as a mithridate to help enable strenuous work at high altitudes in the Alps

  6. The first man to climb Nanga Parbat (9th tallest mountain in the world) pushed through the final 4300 feet alone by taking a high dose of amphetamines and drinking tea brewed from coca leaves. He then stood on a ledge overnight before heading down.

  7. Regular marijuana users are less likely to be obese, even after adjusting for other factors that could influence body fat and health. (Pot is an appetite stimulant, but an ingredient in marijuana has been shown to aid in dieting; at high doses it nearly tripled weight loss versus placebo.)

  8. A researcher has conjectured that the pineal gland releases the psychedelic compound DMT when near death. High doses of DMT caused subjects to enter into non-corporeal, independent realms of existence inhabited by beings of light who were expecting the volunteers.

  9. Xylitol, a sugar alcohol rapidly growing in popularity for it's benefits to human health, is highly toxic to dogs and several other animals. A dose of only a teaspoon can be fatal to even large breed dogs.

  10. Common sorrel should be consumed in moderate doses due to high content of oxalic acid that can aggravate existing kidney problems, rheumatism, gout and arthritis.

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How my blood levels changed during high dose chemotherapy

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I released a high altitude balloon into stratosphere with Geiger–Müller counter and measured this interesting graph- radiation dose equivalent vs altitude. The first peak is caused

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The cosmic-radiation dose rate on airplanes is so high that airline flight crew workers receive more dose on average than any other worker, including those in nuclear power plants.

While selenium is toxic in high doses, it appears to be a necessary nutrient in plants and animals.

Chocolate is actually poisonous to humans, but the minimum lethal dose is so high (22 lb / 10 kg) that it's considered safe. - source

An African midge (P. vanderplanki) is capable of anhydrobiosis (survival after losing 97% of its body water). They can also survive extreme temperatures from 90°C to -270°C, vacuums and high doses of radiation, and have the ability to make structural repairs to their DNA after rehydration.

Even though high doses of hydrogen cyanide can be deadly for humans, small amounts of this compound can act beneficially on digestion and respiration.

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Researchers found that cells in the retina need to be 'bathed' in relatively high doses of vitamin C, inside and out, to function properly. Because the retina is part of the central nervous system, this suggests there's likely an important role for vitamin C throughout the brain.

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Due to high dose of certain proteins (enzymes called thiaminase), animals (such as horses) can experience poisoning after consumption of large quantity of horsetail.

While homeopathy is commonly believed to be relatively harmless, there have been cases where homeopaths put too high a dose of arsenic in their “medicine” and poisoned their patients.

Horsetail is not susceptible to viral or bacterial infections and it tolerates high doses of pesticides.

There is growing evidence for the use of high dose intravenous vitamin C to treat patients with sepsis

Street food in India has been found to contain high doses of fecal matter

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In the early 1920s, Mussolini's blackshirts used high doses of castor oil (which causes diarrhea) to humiliate and torture their enemies.

Most herbivores avoid soapberries because of the high content of saponins (group of chemical compounds) that induce poisoning when consumed in large doses. Some birds such as robins, cedar waxwings and bluebirds are able to eat soapberries without any visible side effects.

The huge spike in deaths during the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 has been attributed to Aspirin poisoning, in part because the Surgeon General at the time recommended an abnormally high dose to treat flu symptoms.

New neurons are generated in adulthood—a process called neurogenesis. Studies with animals show that high doses of alcohol lead to a disruption in the growth of new brain cells. Scientists believe it may be this lack of new growth that results in long–term deficits found in the alcoholic's brain

The remains of Pope Leo X's pet elephant Hanno are buried under a courtyard in the Vatican. The elephant died after having a suppository with a high dose of gold inserted in it to treat constipation. In memoriam, the artist Raphael was commisioned to draw a mural of Hanno.

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Diet supplementation can be optimised in a number of ways e.g. High dose minerals like Ca, Mg and Zn are best taken at separate times to avoid multi-vitamin/mineral competition. While vitamins A,D,E and K are far better absorbed when accompanied by fatty meals (dinner rather than breakfast).

The median lethal dose (LD50) for falling from heights is 4 stories high.

Methamphetamine is neuroprotective in low doses while neurotoxic in high doses

Lake Karachay in Russia is so radioactive that when scientists measured the activity in the lake in 1990 they found that the radiation would give you a lethal dose in an hour. The sediment bed is almost entirely high level radioactive waste.

High dose X-ray was a popular method for hair removal in the 1930s, before it was found many years later that most women accepted the treatment got cancer or disfigured.

Tardigrades are one of the toughest animals on Earth. They can withstand extreme cold and hot climates, lack of water for prolonged periods of time, vacuum as well as very high pressure and large doses of radiation.

Ants can get high on LSD. Doses of 20ng will make an ant trip for up to 48 hrs, impairing locomotion, group formation, foraging skills, and social activity.

The Tardigrade, one of the most hardy creatures on earth. It can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures, high doses of radiation, can live for 10yrs without water and can even survive in the vacuum of space!

Iron is actually toxic in high doses, combing with oxygen to form free radicals.

If you took the kinetic energy from jumping as high as you can and converted it to pure X-rays, it would be a lethal dose

Nutmeg contains the psychoactive element myristicin, a chemical relative of mescaline, amphetamine, and ecstasy. It can get you high and cause hallucinations at higher doses... Happy Holidays!!

Linus Pauling is the only man to have won 2 unshared Nobel Prizes for revolutionizing chemistry and molecular biology and a peace prize for activism opposing nuclear war testing. After retiring he also advocated Vit C in high doses as a partial cure for things from the common cold to cancer

Viagra was originally developed for high blood pressure, but volunteers in the clinical trials reported increased erections several days after taking a dose of the drug.

It takes around 400 bananas to kill you due to high doses of potassium that can slow the heart and cause kidney failure.

In New Zealand, Vitamin D3 in high doses has been used as a lethal poison bait for possums

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