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When Edward I, King of England annexed Wales in 1277 AD, he promised them his son, and heir to the throne, would be Welsh. This is why the heir apparent in the UK is always titled "Prince of Wales" before taking the throne.

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About Derek Black, son of former KKK Grand Wizard Don Black and Godson of David Duke. Derek; the host of a white nationalist radio show and heir-apparent leader of the "white nationalists" publicly renounced his beliefs and broke all ties with the group in 2012 - at the age of 23.

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  1. The elder brother to N. Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Kim Jong Nam, was passed over to become the heir apparent for illegally going to Disneyland.

  2. The Great-Great-Grand-Nephew of Franz Ferdinand, and heir apparent to the House Of Habsburg, is a Formula 3 racing car driver.

  3. The first son of Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Nam, was a Swiss educated heir apparent up until he was caught trying to visit Tokyo Disneyland wearing a white shirt, black blazer, sunglasses and a gold chain. This removed him from the line of succession and exiled, he claims he wanted reform in NK.

  4. The heir apparent to the House of Habsburg is a professional racecar driver.

  5. Both of Sejong the Great's older brothers stepped down from heir apparent because they believed that Sejong was more qualified. He went on to oversee the creation of the Korean alphabet, Hangul.

  6. In 1936, three different Kings of England would occupy the throne and Princess Elizabeth became heir apparent. It is known as "The Year of the Three Kings".

  7. Prince Charles, heir apparent to the British throne, founded a campaign in 2004 dedicated solely to convincing people to eat more mutton

  8. The heir apparent of Thailand, Vajiralongkorn, was obsessed with his toy poodle, Fufu. Highlights: The Prince gave Fufu the rank of Air Chief Marshal in the Royal Thai Air Force and dressed Fufu in military uniform, and 4 days of funeral rites were performed for Fufu after his death in 2015.

  9. The heir apparent of French monarchy assumed the title Dauphin de France or Dolphin of France

  10. Tiberius' heir apparent, Germanicus was so popular that when he died untimely people destroyed statues and temples of the gods believing that they've failed them and killed their newborns as if they brought the bad luck to them. Tiberius was later succeeded by Germanicus son: Caligula

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George V was worried by his 1st son's (future Edward VIII) behavior, saying, "After I am dead, the boy will ruin himself in 12 months." He favored his 2nd son, Albert & his daughter, Elizabeth. Edward abdicated within a year of his father's death; Albert became King and Elizabeth heir apparent.

The heir apparent of the Mexican Imperial Crown is a Dutch dude. - source

The heir apparent of the Tokugawa clan, Iehiro Tokugawa (the last reigning Shoguns) is a University of Michigan trained translator. - source

Kim Jong-il's oldest son was originally expected to succeed his father as ruler of North Korea. After he was caught trying to illegally enter Japan to visit Tokyo Disneyland, his brother Kim Jong-un replaced him as heir apparent.

Sehzade Mustafa was the heir apparent to the Ottoman throne and a very popular prince... until his execution, by order of his father, Suleiman the Magnificent, which he later regretted. Sitting by his deceased son’s body for days not allowing anyone to touch it. (PBS Documentary starts at~47:00) - source

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Tomorrow Prince William will become the oldest heir apparent to an heir apparent in British history

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The heir apparent and Crown Prince of Thailand had a poodle named Fufu that held a rank of air chief marshal in the Royal Thai Air Force.

Thailand's heir apparent once made his poodle an Air Chief Marshall of the Thai Air force

The 1st arab, muslim, and royal in space are the same person, Sultan bin Salman Al Saud; he is the eldest son of the heir apparent of Saudi Arabia

Kim Jong-Un's older brother, Kim Jong-nam was the original heir apparent, but fell in favor with Kim Jong-Il after a botched attempt to secretly visit Tokyo Disneyland

The first son of Kim Jong Un, Kim Jong Nam, was a Swiss educated heir apparent up until he was caught trying to visit Tokyo Disneyland wearing a white shirt, black blazer, sunglasses and a gold chain. This removed him from the line of succession and exiled, he claims he wanted reform in NK.

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