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In 1821 he was given the great honor of being appointed Physician Extraordinary to King George IV.

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That, during the War of the Roses, the Yorkists once crowned a peasant boy who looked like Edward IV’s son to legitimise their claim to the throne. The plot immediately failed, but the boy was pardoned and went on to work in the royal kitchens.

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  1. Bear Grylls is a direct descendant of King Edward IV of England

  2. The first English monarch to use a hereditary surname was Edward IV

  3. Katherine Swynford, a real life Cinderella. She was born a commoner in Hainaut (France/Belgium) and through her love affair with Prince John of Gaunt, became the most powerful woman in England and the ancestress of every British monarch since Edward IV.

  4. The Canterbury Roll is a 15th century genealogy tracing the rulers of England from the legendary Brutus of Troy to Edward IV.

  5. Edward IV is the tallest English monarch ever at 6ft 4 1/2 inches. The average height at the time was around 5ft 1 inch.

  6. Matt Ryan of NBC's Constantine also did the voice acting and motion capture of Edward Kenway in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.

  7. The royal family of England has a $290 billion debt towards the New College of Oxford. The debt was from 1461 when King Edward IV borrowed the modern equivalent of $384 but never repaid $224 of it. There was an interest rate of 4% per year. The debt was forgotten for 535 years.

  8. Ceresei Lannister's penance walk on Game Of Thrones was based on the walk that the mistress of King Edward IV, (Jane Shore) did shortly after the king died.

  9. In 1463, King Edward IV of England Outlawed Pointy Shoes Because The Fashionistas Had Gone Mad With the Pointyness ...

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