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Malaysian Crown Prince Tunku Ismail mocked religious hardliners in Malaysia by wearing Hulk Hands to shake hands, after being told to wear gloves when shaking hands with women.

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Princess Diana was a descendant of Charles II via two of his illegitimate children; since Charles II never had any legitimate children, Prince William will, if crowned, be the first descendant of Charles II to be King

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  1. During WWI, King Albert I of Belgium personally lead the desperate defense against the Germans, while the Queen served as a nurse, and their son, the 14 year-old Crown Prince enlisted in the infantry as a private.

  2. In 2001 the Crown Prince of Nepal shot dead 9 members of his family at a dinner party, including the King and Queen. He then shot himself and died three days later.

  3. In ancient China, a huge war was sparked because of a board game gone wrong. The crown prince was arguing with his cousin, the son of a regional king, during a match of a game called Liubo, and when his cousin offended him, he threw the board at him. He died from the blow. His father revolted.

  4. Mary Donaldson, a 28-year-old Australian who worked at a real estate firm, met a Danish guy at a Sydney pub in the year 2000. He was Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark, and she is now the Crown Princess of Denmark.

  5. Leka II, Crown Prince of Albania, was born in South Africa. The South African government declared his maternity ward temporarily Albanian territory to ensure that Leka was born on Albanian soil.

  6. The danish Crown prince Frederik is a fully trained operative soldier of the danish Frømandskorps (The danish version of the american Navy SEALS).

  7. Princess Alexandrine of Prussia, the eldest daughter of Wilhem, German Crown Prince, and Cecilie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin.She was born with Down Syndrome, however, unlike other royal children with special needs, she was not hidden away and appeared in family photographs and at special events.

  8. Crown Prince Dipendra of Nepal shot and killed his parents and two siblings after being denied his choice of bride. He shot himself and survived the next three days in a coma, during which he reigned as King.

  9. In 2016 the crown prince of Saudi Arabia offered to gladly pay Kanye West $10 millions or even more to spend a night with Kim Kardashian.

  10. There's a 45 minute video of an Emirates Crown Prince torturing a business man using an AK47, a board with nails, and a variety of other methods along with police. The Saudi family has not taken action against him in any way. video.

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The 109-carat Diamond set in the British Royal Crown was mined over 700 years ago and is one of the world's largest known Diamonds. It was stolen from India by Queen Victoria in their surrender to Britain in the 19th Century and shall be worn by Kate Middleton should Prince William become King.

The name of the Crown Prince of Morocco is Hassan ibn Mohammed Al-Alaoui - Hassan bin Mohammed bin Hassan bin Mohammed bin Yousef bin Hassan bin Mohammed bin Abderrahmane bin Hisham bin Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Ismail bin Moulay Ali Charif - source

In 1889, the Crown Prince of Austria-Hungary died in a suicide pact with his teenage mistress, leaving his cousin Franz Ferdinand to be heir. His daughter would become a prominent socialist politician - source

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Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria-Hungary had to endure the execution of his brother Maximilian by the Mexicans in 1867, the suicide of his son Crown Prince Rudolf in 1889, the assassination of his wife Elizabeth in 1898, and the assassination of his nephew Franz Ferdinand in 1914.

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Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark graduated from the Danish equivalent of the Navy SEAL program, and completed 4 month and 2,795 km dog-sledge expedition in the northern part of Greenland

The King of Jordan appeared in the episode of Star Trek. King Abdullah II, who was then crown prince, appeared as a columnist in Star Trek: Voyager in 1996. Abdullah is an old fan of the series and was very excited by the experience.

China had a Crown Prince who spoke fluent German and English when his father Yuan Shikai proclaimed himself Emperor of the Empire of China in 1915

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In the 15th century, the English court had a boy called a "Whipping Boy" who they'd beat if the crowned prince did wrong.

In 2001, the Crown Prince of Nepal shot 9 members of the royal family including the King and Queen before shooting himself in the left temple, despite being right handed, and dying three days later.

Michael Jackson was crowned as High Prince of the Agni people. After he died the title and rulership of a million people passed to Jesse Jackson.

In 2001, the Crown Prince of Nepal nearly murdered his entire family in the "Nepalese Royal Massacre"

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Liechtenstein's national colors are blue and red. The flag is red and blue with the prince's crown in gold. Without the gold crown the flag is too similar to Haiti's flag and it was added to help with the distinction.

Danish Crown Prince Frederik is one of 311 people who have completed training to become a Danish Frogman since inception in 1957

The UN human rights commissioner is also the crowned prince of Iraq, first in line to be King of Iraq.

A former Crown Prince of Thailand, Maha Vajiralongkorn, had a poodle called Fufu. The poodle was not only an air chief marshal, but followed him on royal engagements.

Ferdinand Porsche once served as a chauffeur to Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, the crown prince of Austria whose assassination sparked World War I a decade later,

All the crown princes of Europe married commoners

The last crown prince of Austria-Hungary died in 2011, at the age of 98. He was named the crown prince of Austria-Hungary during his father's coronation in 1916.

Even though Crown Prince of Nepal Dipendra shot and killed nine members of his family, including the King and Queen of Nepal, he was still crowned king of Nepal while he was in a coma shortly before his death.

The Mi'kmaq First Nations have staked claim to all of Prince Edward Island. They annually receive hundreds of notifications from the province of small changes to crown land — like construction work on roads — most of them unimportant to the Mi'kmaq

The conference was held at the palace of Ceciliendorf, which was once the home of Prince Wilhelm, the last crown prince to the German throne.

In 1960, Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley presented the Crown Prince of Japan with a gift of bluegill fish. The prince donated the fish to fishery research agencies in Japan, from which they escaped and wreaked havoc with native species, provoking a rare public apology from the prince.

At a party in 2004 held to celebrate the wedding of the Crown Prince of Spain, Prince Vittorio Emanuele, a claimant to the now-defunct throne of Italy, punched Prince Amedeo, his rival for the throne. Prince Amedeo was saved from falling down by Queen Anne-Marie, the former Queen of Greece.

Queen Elizabeth II has been voluntarily paying income tax since 1992, doesn't require a passport, or a driving license and once scared the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia by driving him quickly around narrow Scottish roads in her land rover before women could drive in Saudi Arabia.

The crown prince of Jordan has his own flag.

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