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The Tarantula Hawk is a Spider Wasp which hunts Tarantulas. They have the highest rating (4) on the Schmidt Sting Pain Index. The pain is described as "blinding, fierce, and shockingly electric. A running hair dryer has been dropped into your bubble bath."

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Engineers at Purdue University got together in 90s on the best way to light a BBQ grill. They started with a hair dryer and ended with liquid oxygen. Link to video in the comments.

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  1. Before hair dryers were invented people used vacuum cleaners to dry their hair.

  2. There is a ritual called debaptism and they use a hair dryer to represent drying off the baptismal waters you received as a child

  3. Dyson, the famous designer vacuum manufacturer, released a $500 supersonic hair dryer two years ago, with a motor that sits in the handle of the dryer pushing 41 litres of air at its highest setting.

  4. You are never supposed to plug a hair dryer into an extension cord because you could risk starting a fire.

  5. You can make a flamethrower with a hair dryer

  6. NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory runs on 2 kilowatts, about the same power as a hair dryer, but can observe X-rays from particles up to the last second before they fall into a black hole. STS-93, the space mission that deployed Chandra, was the first NASA shuttle mission commanded by a woman.

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