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A Female Scientist Defined the Greenhouse Effect In The 1800s, But Didn’t Get the Credit Due to Sexism

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A black woman named Eunice Foote discovered the greenhouse effect in 1856 but everyone credits Irishman John Tyndell in 1859 instead.

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  1. A Swedish scientist conducted the first study of the global greenhouse effect in 1896 by using infrared measurements of the atmosphere

  2. Due to large amount of swallowed food, Apatosaurus was producing huge amount of methane (greenhouse gas) each day. With approximately 520 million tons of methane produced each year, Apatosaurus and other herbivorous dinosaurs had significant effect on the global climate.

  3. Greenhouse gas is causing the greenhouse effect. They absorb and emit radiation and include water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, and others.

  4. Governments and people have to make serious changes to the way we live to reduce greenhouse gases and to reduce the effects of global warming and climate change for future generations.

  5. Eunice Foote, an American scientist from New York, was the first to describe the greenhouse effect. A male colleague presented her research at AAAS in 1856 because women were not allowed.

  6. Despite having diets similar to cattle, kangaroos release virtually no methane and scientists are interested in the possibility of transferring the bacteria responsible from kangaroos to cattle since the greenhouse gas effect of methane is 23 times that of carbon dioxide.

  7. There are no seasons on Venus like there are on Earth. It's always extremely hot, and because it has such a high carbon dioxide level in its atmosphere, there is a constant greenhouse effect.

  8. A woman, Eunice Foote, showed that water vapor and carbon dioxide increased the heating effects of the Sun, preceeding Tyndall's work on the greenhouse effect by three years

  9. At one point in time, Venus had Earth-like climate before runaway greenhouse effect occurred.

  10. Human activity greatly affects the health of the atmosphere. Human activity such as the greenhouse effect, global warming, contamination of the air, destruction of the ozone belt, and acid rain are damaging the atmosphere.

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All humans breathe out 2.5 million metric tons of CO2 a year and only contribute 7% to the greenhouse gas effect. - source

Water Vapor is the most abundant greenhouse gas, and even amplifies the warming effects of other greenhouse gases. - source

The moon Titan has a reverse greenhouse effect

The "Greenhouse effect" was outlined by Tyndall in 1854. - source

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The anthropogenic greenhouse effect began 8000 years ago. Due to the clearance of forests, for land and bio fuel, and the introduction of widespread agriculture, humans first impacted the climate thousands of years before the industrial revolution.

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Earth stabilizes it's own temperature even under a runaway greenhouse effect. Unfortunately, that stable temperature is 1400K, or 1122.85°C

The greenhouse effect was first discovered in 1896

A new technology that can capture ambient carbon and reverse runaway greenhouse effect. This could save the world!

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