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Alessandro Volta, a professor of experimental physics at the University of Pavia and inventor of an early battery, repeated Galvani's experiments.

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Galvani refused and was stripped of his positions and all of his financial support.

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  1. In his earliest experiment in the field of electrophysiology he noticed that the legs of a dead frog would kick when an electric current was applied to the sciatic nerve.

  2. He was the first researcher to understand that there is a relationship between electricity and life.

  3. Volta disagreed with Galvani's assessment that the electric current was intrinsic to the frog's body and built the first battery to disprove Galvani's theory.

  4. Although he originally planned to study for the priesthood, in 1755 he enter the University of Bologna and studied medicine and surgery.

  5. In 1797 the French founded the Cisalpine Republic and required professors to swear a loyalty oath to the new government

  6. The first battery was invented by Alessandro Volta in 1799 after a disagreement with Luigi Galvani over the source of electrical current in dead frogs. It was the first continuous source of electrical currenti in the world.

  7. Mary Shelley mentioned Galvani's experiments as part of the background for her novel, Frankenstein.

  8. In 1776 he became an anatomy teacher at the Academy of Sciences where he used autopsies and models in his work.

  9. Luigi Galvani was born to a middle class family in Bologna, Italy.

  10. He moved in with his brother in Bologna and died in poverty.

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Galvani's name survives in many contexts including the galvanometer and the galvanic cell.

One of his responsibilities was to present a research paper to the Academy every year for publication in the Academy's periodical.

He received his MD and a degree in philosophy in 1759 and in 1762 he became the anatomist of the university.

The word "galvanize" came from Luigi Galvani, the scientist whose work inspired the story Frankenstein

Alessandro Volta invented the battery (circa 1800) while tying to settle a scientific dispute with Luigi Galvani over "animal electricity" - source

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Giovanni Aldini, nephew of Luigi Galvani, used electrical currents to 'animate' murderer George Forster during a display in 1803

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Luigi Galvani was the first to detect radio waves, predating Heinrich Hertz by 97 years.

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