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Australia’s entire GPS navigation system was found to be off by 4 feet in 2016 when its satellite navigation systems failed to account for tectonic shift—roughly 2.2 inches a year over 2 decades—and threw everything slightly out of position.

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Although GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) is free for the world to use, it costs the American taxpayer $2 million per day to operate.

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  1. All 24 GPS satellites are equipped with atomic clocks capable of getting the time stamp to a location to the 100 billionth of a second

  2. The elusive "dark matter" in the universe could be detected by looking for time glitches in the existing network of GPS satellites. One researcher is already mining 15 years' worth of GPS timing data for its signature.

  3. When you use GPS, you're indirectly finding your way with quasars. GPS satellites orient themselves using extremely bright, extremely distant galaxies called quasars. Because of parallax, they're the closest thing there is to a fixed point in space.

  4. Due to their high speed and position in orbit, GPS satellites must take into account Einstein's theories of general relativity and special relativity, which together determine that a time dilation of +38 microseconds occurs. This needs to be corrected for in order to maintain GPS accuracy.

  5. In 1992 two civil activists calling themselves “The Harriet Tubman-Sarah Connor Brigade” broke into two clean rooms holding 9 GPS satellites being built for the U.S. Air Force and attacked one of them with an axe over 60 times, causing $2 million in damages

  6. Due to time-dilation and Einstein's theory of relativity GPS satellites in orbits high above the Earth, where the curvature of spacetime due to the Earth's mass is less than it is at the Earth's surface require the internal clocks to tick at a faster rate than those on the ground.

  7. When Greece tested four tanks in 2000 before a big arms purchase, the US M1A1 Abrams and British Challenger 2E tanks had trouble with their satellite navigation systems. A French intelligence agency used GPS jammers to help the French Leclerc tank in the competition.

  8. The U.S. Air Force provides GPS satellite signals to the world for free as it owns, operates, and maintains the satellites used in its operation.

  9. In the early 2000s, US officials mulled shooting down the European Union's Galileo navigation satellites during a conflict because the frequencies they planned to operate on are more accurate than GPS. Concern was heightened when the Chinese showed interest in the project's capabilities.

  10. Each satellite in the GPS network transmits a unique identifier code that is 6.1871 × 10^12 bits long (approximately 720 gigabytes). The satellite takes a week to send out the code before it starts over.

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gps satellites fact data chart about The nominal constellation of 24 GPS satellites as of July 1,
The nominal constellation of 24 GPS satellites as of July 1, 1993, Greenwich hour angle 18:36:14.4

gps satellites fact data chart about I accidentally made a landscape composition from tracking GP
I accidentally made a landscape composition from tracking GPS satellites

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That, because of relativity, GPS satellite clocks have to account for an extra 38 microseconds per day. If this wasn't accounted for GPS accuracy would decrease by a factor of 10 km every single day.

Maintaining GPS satellites requires both General AND Special relativity calculations - source

GPS satellites have to account for the theory of relativity, and the fact that they are travelling through time slightly faster than people on the surface of the earth - source

There are only 32 satellites serving the world's GPS needs.

The U.S. Air Force operates and maintains all GPS satellites for the United States - source

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The clocks on GPS satellites must account for time dilation.

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Time runs faster on GPS satellites due to their distance from Earth's gravity and needs to be adjusted to sync with Earth's slower running time.

There are other global navigation satellite systems besides the US-backed “GPS”: “GLONASS” is Russian, “Galileo” is European and China has “BeiDou”. “GPS” has become the generic trademark name for global navigation satellite systems.

Gravitational time dilation (where both gravity and speed affect the passage of time) is not just part of relativity theory - it is actually something that needs to be corrected for in the clocks of GPS satellites.

Russia has an alternative satellite positioning system called GLONASS, which is already supported by many GPS devices

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If one GPS Satellite were off by one full second your location on Google Maps would appear to be about 2/3 of the way to the Moon.

Einstein smarter then US Army. The first GPS satellite crashed because the clocks didn't take into account General Relativity

The GPS satellites were programmed to introduce timing jitter into the signals untill it was abolished by a Presidential decree in 2000.

GPS satellites broadcast data at a rate of 50 bits per second -- less than half the bit rate of a Bell 101 modem, which was introduced in 1958.

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There was an anti-GPS satellite activist group that called themselves the Harriet Tubman-Sarah Connor Brigade.

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