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Australian Funnel-Web spider fangs can penetrate fingernails and shoes

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The funnel-web spiders venom is extremely toxic to primates, but mostly harmless to many other animals. There are no primates in Australia, apart from humans.

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  1. The last time someone was killed by a spider in australia was in 2016, the second last time was in 1979, a total of 37 years. this was due to an anti-venom being made in 1980 for funnel web spiders.

  2. While the bite of the Sydney Funnel Web can kill a human being in under two hours, dogs and cats are largely immune, and can survive up to 100 times the lethal dose.

  3. Australian Funnel-Web Spiders, one of the most dangerous species of spiders, can survive underwater up to 24-30 hours

  4. Australia has spider drop off points where you can leave your spare funnel-web and red-black spiders.

  5. The Sydney Funnel-web spider has fangs larger than a brown snake that can pierce leather and toenails, like to live in suburban conditions, their males like to 'wander' in the wet season, and whose poison can kill a human in 15 minutes.

  6. The deadly Australian funnel-web spider has strong enough fangs to penetrate toenails and soft shoes.

  7. There are only two kinds of Australian spiders that you actually need to worry about, the Funnel-Web and the Mouse Spider. And nobody has killed by a spider since 1979.

  8. The Sydney funnel web spider has not been blamed for any reported deaths since the anti-venom programme started in 1981

  9. The antidote for funnel-web spider venom only has a shelf life of only 18 months, and can take up to two years to produce.

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