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Even though daddy-long-leg spiders don't have powerful enough venom to harm humans, they hunt and kill larger spiders that can kill humans, like the redback spider. They use their long legs to quickly wrap other spiders with webbing, immobilizing them before biting and eating them.

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The story of how the Daddy Long Legs is one of the most venomous spiders in the world, but that it lacks big enough fangs to bite is false three times. It’s fangs are as long as a recluse, they lack venom, and they are Harvestmen, not even spiders.

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  1. The commonly known information regarding Daddy Long Legs as being extremely venomous with brittle teeth not strong enough to bite humans is actually a myth. Scientists have no idea how this factoid spread.

  2. The legend that daddy long-legs spiders have the most potent venom of any spider, but their fangs are too small to puncture human skin was debunked after Mythbusters found their venom was less potent than black widow venom and they were able to elicit a bite on a finger of host Adam Savage

  3. Daddy long legs aren't spiders, they are opiliones.

  4. Daddy long legs are not actually spiders

  5. Daddy long legs spiders in your house hunt, kill, and eat other spiders, including poisonous ones like the redback. They walk like dorks, but actually kick major ass.

  6. Opiliones (Daddy Long Legs) sometimes form large clusters consisting of hundreds or thousands of individuals to protect from predators and climate conditions

  7. The term 'daddy long-legs' is often used to refer to multiple species of arachnid - more than one of which aren't even spiders. Consequently, the idea that they are the 'most poisonous spider' is a misconception because they don't have fangs or produce venom.

  8. Daddy Long Legs (Opiliones) Are Arachnids but Not Spiders

  9. There are two different kinds of spiders commonly referred to as "daddy long legs". The cellar spider and harvestmen.

  10. Daddy Long Legs are not spiders and the story of them being deadly is a myth!

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'Daddy Long-Legs' so commonly seen in US gardens are not spiders at all. - source

Prostitution is legal as long as you call yourself a "Sugar Daddy" or "Sugar Baby"

Scientists found a 99 Million year old Daddy Long Legs with an erection trapped in Amber. - source

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Scientists found a 99 Million year old Daddy Long Legs with an erection trapped in Amber.

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Daddy long-legs together form large clumps called aggregates for defense; however, they're just plain creepy.

Daddy long leg spiders also have long penises.

Despite the popular anti-myth there is a spider called a Daddy Long Legs.

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