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Banksia produces elongated, cone-shaped spikes made of numerous small, sac-shaped flowers. Each spike is made of hundreds or thousands (up to 6.000) of flowers. Banksia produce creamy, yellow, orange, red, green, violet or brown flowers. Some species have multi-colored spikes. Flowers contain both types of reproductive organs (perfect flowers).

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In 2014, the car company Mazda recalled 42,000 cars because the yellow sac spider would climb into the gas tank and form a web inside, blocking airflow. This was the second recall -- the first was in 2011 for the exact same reason.

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  1. Yellow sac spiders are apparently attracted to gas fumes and like to make their webs in car engines. In 2014, Mazda had to issue a recall to update its vehicle software so it could detect spiders webs that may cause engine vent blockage.

  2. A spider that is partial to living in cars, I've had this same spider fall into my lap while driving many times to be a coincidence and lo and behold.. a spider that likes the smell of gasoline. Cheiracanthium the yellow sac spider

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