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The fastest red card in a football match was given too Lee Todd in just 2 seconds for saying "Fuck me that was loud" when the Ref blew his whistle

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The fastest red card ever given in football (soccer) was given 2 seconds into the match to Lee Todd after he muttered "Fuck me, that was loud" when the kickoff whistle blew.

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  1. Bob Dylan was accused of being a traitor to his Folk roots when he went electric. When an audience member shouted 'Judas!' at him, he turned to his band and said "Play it fucking loud" and played Like a Rolling Stone

  2. The Footballer Lee Todd, who holds the record for the fastest red card in English football; 2 seconds. Lee was startled by the opening whistle and remarked "Fuck me, that was loud" and was sent off.

  3. Alongside LOL (laughing out loud) and WTF (what the fuck), P&G applied to trademark the acronyms NBD (no big deal) and FML (fuck my life).

  4. The fastest red card in football/soccer history was 2 seconds. Lee Todd was sent off for foul language after he exclaimed "Fuck me that was loud" after the starting whistle

  5. The quickest a player was sent off in football was just 2 seconds after the starting whistle when player Lee Todd exclaimed "Fuck me, that was loud."

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