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Milli Vanilli weren't the first "fake" band created by Producer Frank Farian. 70's hit group, Boney M, were formed specifically to be the front for his music.

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Bobby Farrell, the male lead of Boney M., made almost no vocal contributions on the group's records; Frank Farian performed the male vocals in the studio. Farian went on to create the group Milli Vanilli.

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  1. Boney M was founded by singer-composer Frank Farian because he was too embarrassed to perform "Baby do you wanna bump" himself, a song he'd recorded doing all the voices, including the female ones.

  2. Producer Frank Farian formed the famous group Boney M. It was well-known that members of the group didn't sing on the records. A few years after Boney M's success, Farian formed Milli Vanilli, and the world was rocked when it was discovered that members of the group didn't sing on the records.

  3. German DJ Frank Farian is the founder and the main vocalist behind both Boney M and Milli Vanilli, two groups he himself assembled to lip sync to his pre-recorded tracks

  4. Bobby Farrell of Boney M. made almost no contribution to the group's records. The male vocalist was their producer, Frank Farian and Farrell simply moved his lips in sync with the songs being performed on stage.

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