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Minnie Riperton wrote the song, "Lovin' You (is easy 'cause you're beautiful)" for her baby daughter...who grew up to be SNL cast member, Maya Rudolph

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Maya Rudolph's mom is the legendary Minnie Riperton, who sang the song Loving You. Minnie was referring to Maya at the end of the song. Minnie Riperton passed away at the age of 31 due to breast cancer.

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  1. Former SNL star Maya Rudolph is in a Prince cover band called "Princess."

  2. Maya Rudolph, famous for being a SNL cast member, is the daughter of Minnie Riperton, singer-songwriter best known by her song Lovin' You (yes, the one with the whistle notes)

  3. Maya Rudolph is the daughter of Minnie Riperton, the singer of the iconic song "Loving You".

  4. Minnie Riperton wrote the tune for 'loving you' for her daughter as a child, who is Maya Rudolph from SNL.

  5. The song "Lovin' You" was written by Minnie Riperton for her baby daughter, former SNL star Maya Rudolph, who was present when it was recorded (and Minnie can be heard singing Maya's name in the full-length cut)

  6. Minnie Riperton, famed soprano most known for recording "Lovin' You", is the mother of SNL alum Maya Rudolph.

  7. Many mainstream tampon companies add harmful fragrances to their products (also learned that Maya Rudolph can sing)

  8. Maya Rudolph was in the Rentals (the band who sang Friends of P).

  9. Prior to SNL, Maya Rudolph was a member of The Rentals.

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Maya Rudolph had a small part as a delivery nurse in the movie "Gattaca"

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